May 1 2017

May 2017 – Aries Horoscope

This month will be better than March and April. When I looked at the year ahead last year, I could see the toughest months were coming early on, but by now, May, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mercury was retrograde last month in your workaday sector, so delays and miscommunication were rampant. Mercury will go direct on May 3, but because Mercury acts the wildest and the most out of control at the start and end points of the retrograde, you would be wise not to jump on that end date of May 3. Leave a space of as many days as possible before you voice or sign an agreement. All planets ramp up to former strength after a retrograde is over, and for Mercury that magical date will be May 20. You don’t have to wait quite that long, not unless you have something of earth-shattering importance to set in motion, such as to open the doors of a new business or to launch an expensive new product you’ve worked on for months or years, as two examples. You can start to buy electronic items soon too, but I would hold off doing so until May 15 or so if you can wait.

On top of having a weak Mercury out of phase, you also had Venus retrograde, March 4 to April 15, and Venus has been gradually making it back to her full strength, to happen on May 18. (As you see, both Venus and Mercury get strong the same week.) Venus retrograde may have caused a financial deal to be mired in legal haywire or endless rounds of talks, leading nowhere. This is because for Aries, Venus is the natural ruler of your second house of earned income. If anyone owed you money, you may have had to wait a long time for that payment. The month of May is so much better for you.

Most of this month will have a financial tone. The emphasis on money started late last month on the new moon, April 26, in Taurus. This one will be unlike the full moon last month. Five hundred readers responded to my Facebook question: How did you fare at the full moon, April 11, plus or minus five days? The answer most was mostly terrible. Not everyone reported difficulties – for example, Jupiter was in a good position and helped Aquarius – but most people did feel tension. You can read those reader’s responses on my Facebook page, “Susan Miller.” Thank you, readers – you make me a better astrologer with your feedback.

Now you have a friendly new moon that will carry you into the start of May. The new moon that appeared April 26 received a strong beam from Neptune, planet of creativity, ruling such areas as music, art, poetry, dance, and other expressions, so if you are artistic or work with artistic talent, then you are doubly favored to see a jump in salary now. If you work in real estate, agriculture, housing or commercial development, you too will be extra favored. If you don’t have a creative role or work in a land-oriented profession, you can still see an increase in your paycheck.

You seem to have had an expensive six weeks behind you, but happily, the planet that caused that higher-than-usual spending, Mars, has moved out of his tricky spot for you, Taurus, and on to Gemini. Your credit card balances should now start to drop as you are able to catch up and pay back some of the balance on the cards.

The emphasis on financial matters will continue at the full moon in Scorpio, May 10. Again, Neptune will be acting like your fairy godfather, showering you with vibrations that relate to creativity, and from your work in this realm, lead to payment to you. Or, it may be that you purchase something expensive and beautiful or your apartment or house at the full moon. (In fact, you might close on a house).

Pluto, the powerhouse planet, will also send help to you at the full moon May 10, and that’s significant because Pluto is based in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. It appears a VIP, who will be the personification of Pluto, will see to it that you are paid well. If you have a meeting the day before the full moon, May 9, that day will also bring good news. You seem to be in line for a large lump sum, and that might be a bonus, commission, royalty, or back pay that has accumulated until you signed papers (and you put that signing off due to Mercury retrograde). If you needed an extension to get your taxes done, they will be sent in within four days of May 10. No matter, whatever happens within four days of May 10, the financial discussions will end, and you will know where you stand. I think you will be happy.

Mars, your ruler, went into Gemini late last month, and Gemini is an air sign that is so compatible to your fire-sign element. Suddenly life will seem lighter, breezier, and so much more fun. The sign your ruling planet tours (in this case Mars) is always important to note. In Taurus, an earth sign, you may have felt a bit smothered (earth and fire are not at all compatible), but that’s over and done, and better days are due for you. You will get a chance to travel this month and next, and you may be excited about enjoying a change of scene. Gemini rules your sisters and brothers, so you may be traveling to see your sibling at some point in May, and if so, you’ll enjoy the time you spend together very much.

An outstandingly special time to travel this month will be May 11-12 when Mars and Jupiter will be beautifully angled, supporting you for travel, for signing a contract, or for getting engaged or married. (This aspect’s sparkling glow will spill over the weekend of May 13-14 as well).

“One of your most romantic days of May will be when Jupiter aligns with Mars (just like in the song called Aquarius), May 11-12. You will benefit in a big way if you are attached, but singles will have fun too. Plan something special for one of those days.”

Writing, speaking, editing, research, translating, and broadcasting projects will all be on the agenda in the days following the new moon, May 25. By this time, Mercury will be strong, and so will Venus, and you will have come to end of the difficult period that has stretched back to March. You may be asked to sign a contract, and you can at this time – go right ahead. To me, this your ideal date. If you have a communications-oriented project to launch, such as a new app, software, blog, or website, or a new radio or TV show, this would be an ideal time to do it. This is also a great time to launch an advertising or publicity campaign.

Travel at month’s end will be growing in importance, so get ready to enjoy fresh air, fun, and a change of scene. Travel at the end of May or early June will do the trick to energize you and bring you back refreshed. It does appear you may need to travel for business, but that’s fine – you will still enjoy the accommodations and how smoothly things go when you reach your destination. In fact, you may feel you fell into a parallel universe, where everyone is happy and congenial and who thinks your ideas are brilliant.

If your birthday falls March 25, you will benefit with a double dip of luck at this new moon in Gemini. The same is true if you have Gemini rising or the natal moon in Gemini at 5 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, or a natal planet in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, with the same tolerance of five degrees plus or minus.

Now let’s turn to love – you are the cherubs’ favorite. Venus, the love planet, will be in Aries all month. You will be popular, and you’ll have more than your usual share of invitations. Treat yourself to new clothes, and find other ways to make pleasing changes to your appearance. It’s your time to shine, so don’t hide inside your apartment – be out and about all month. If you are single, you can meet someone you’ll want to know better.

One of your most romantic days of the month will be when Jupiter aligns with Mars (just like in the song “Aquarius”), May 11-12, especially if you are attached. The moon will be in Sagittarius, so you may get a chance to travel.

There is another great day! Mars, your ruler, will make another supportive aspect on May 30, when Mars reaches out in a friendly way to surprise-a-minute Uranus. This day will add spontaneous, playful note. This day comes one day after Memorial Day weekend (May 29) in the US, a holiday that many people have time off. See if you can take not only the Monday holiday off, but Tuesday too, for it is sure to be a fun day.

Before I go, I would like to tell you what is happening in deep space that might have an effect on you. If you have a birthday that falls near the end of Aries, say, April 14 to 19, moving quietly in deep space, Uranus in Aries is hovering over your Sun. This will be the only time in your life that this will happen, for Uranus takes 84 years to revolve around the Sun and match the degrees of your birthday. If you are born late in the sign, near the border of Aries and Taurus, this could bring some amazing results. Your need to express your creativity will become very strong, as will your need for autonomy and freedom. By August 3, 2017, Uranus will travel to 29 degrees Aries (those born April 19) and then, on that same day, retrograde back as it travels to 25 degrees Aries by January 2, 2018 (touching directly those born April 14). As you see, if you were born at the end of your sign in Aries, April 14 to 19, you will be making some very creative choices this year, and certainly be in the family news if not the news worldwide, too.

Uranus will then bolt forward, covering all the birthdays from April 14-19 again. By May 15, 2018, Uranus will move into your second house of earned income for the coming seven years. However, in 2018 Uranus will move back and forth between Aries and Taurus, for a while, to get you used to this major shift, until March 6, 2019, when he will move to Taurus, never to return to Aries again in your lifetime. Uranus in Taurus will cause volatility in finances, so you will have to keep a conservative course. You may lose a million dollars, but you may see a windfall of one too. All kinds of crazy things can happen during those coming seven years. Ask a Pisces, who has been dealing with this energy for years and is almost done.

If you are an Aries born April 14-19, this year and next, Uranus may now make your famous or bring changes in your lifestyle that surprise your family and friends. You may go from single to married with children in the space of months or a year or two. Or, you may move to a new city – something will be new. Use this period, starting this month, to express your deepest creativity.

Something else is going on now at the very same time that is very exciting. Saturn in Sagittarius is helping Uranus in Aries in a powerful way. It is exceedingly rare to see Saturn and Uranus working together in friendly form. The last time, before this year, it was 2003. Again, if you were born late in the sign (April 14-19), you are being named in this configuration. These two planets will help you all year, and because they move so slowly, they don’t have to hit an exact mathematical angle. They will hit a perfect alignment on May 18 and again later, November 11, in 2017. Uranus is about innovation, and Saturn, stability – creativity leads to a feeling of security. Uranus is a brave planet intellectually, and Saturn is a cautious one, so together they cook up quite a wonderful support for you.

Saturn is nearing the end of his visit to Sagittarius, where he has toured your ninth house of higher education, the law and courts system, and the media (publishing and broadcasting). You will be under Saturn’s tutelage in this area until December 19, 2017. Since December 2014 you have had Saturn teaching you the ropes in a new area, and although he never rewards while he is working with you, he always leaves a gift by the door when he leaves. Your reward may come at that time.

The end of December and early January will be a massively important time for your career, because you will have six heavenly bodies (!) crowded into your tenth house of fame and honors: the Sun (influence), and new moon of January 16, 2018 (opportunity), plus Saturn (authority), Mercury (news), Pluto (power), and Venus (popularity). All that you have learned over the past three years, including the things you are learning now, from May through December 2017, will count toward a massive promotion and step up in your industry. At the same time, Mars and Jupiter will be conjunct in Scorpio in your house of bonus, commission, and other lump sum windfalls. You’ve never seen anything quite like this, and it will be very exciting when it happens.


You will like May far better than March and April. Venus is now moving direct, and by May 3, Mercury will also be moving forward in strong sure orbit. This means the delays that may have plagued you in March and April are now dissolving, and you can make future plans, confident that nothing is likely to pop up to derail them.

In early May, conjure up the courage to ask for a raise. Your timing will be ideal, especially near May 9 when the Sun and Pluto will work together, helping you garner favor from VIPs. The past two months have brought you many expenses. They are simmering down now, but you may feel the need to refill your coffers again with a fresh influx of cash. Let Mars’ recent drain on your bank account motivate you to present reasons to your boss or client about why you are justified to be given an increase, based on your contributions to the firm.

Financial matters will be settled within four days of the full moon, May 10. You will get your answer about a raise then, and also be able to pay bills and if you like, make a plan for an investment. If your job is to represent or hire talent, or to sell artistic, imaginative creations, then Neptune’s beam to this full moon will help you crystallize the sale. Pluto’s powerful beam to the full moon will allow you to negotiate a deal that pleases you. You have the support of higher ups, so forge full steam ahead.

Your career is going incredibly well, for Saturn, the planet ruling your house of fame, has been in ideal angle to Uranus all year. Uranus just happens to be in Aries, a place Uranus entered in May 2010, and will leave in March 2019. These two planets, Uranus and Saturn, don’t need to reach exact mathematical communication as they will on May 18, and then again on November 11, to be of glittering help – they are close enough all year. Both of these planets move ever-so-slowly and you will feel this trend all year. After this year, Saturn and Uranus will not collaborate in the same way again until March 2047.

Uranus is the planet of innovation and experimentation, and is considered the planet genius. Saturn is the planet of stability and permanence, linking to planets in a rare, ideal state. Your creativity will be running at all-time highs all month, especially on May 18, so put forth a well-conceived concept while these two planets are protecting you and twinkling above.

By month’s end, plan a quick trip, if only for a long weekend. The new moon in Gemini May 25 will make you a bit restless for change. If you take a long drive in the country, that may hit the spot. Choose to stay overnight in a beautiful settling, perhaps on a mountaintop, that afford you a sweeping view. If you have a partner, bring with you, for Jupiter is coaxing you to take time for each other. This is a worthy idea, for the planets are coaxing you to fall in love with your partner all over again. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your full attention – this is your ideal time to do so.

At work, you will be very busy all month, as Mars in Gemini will keep you on your toes, fielding phone calls and messages, setting up meetings, and perhaps discussing a contract. Now that the planets are wide awake and are no longer napping, you will see a strong energy shift. It is the right time to sign papers, for Jupiter will be protecting you by overseeing any agreement you make. Admittedly, Jupiter is a little far, at 10 degrees from the new moon, but close enough to send blessings. On May 30 when Mars in Gemini will reach out to surprise planet Uranus, all that you are working on could bring a heartening breakthrough.

Nov 15 2016

Aries – December 2016 – Horoscope

aries-decemberAries, after a busy and challenging year 2016, you will be pleased to know that it ends with a really happy, fun month.

Probably best to get as much work done before December gets going as you can as you may feel rather lazy and not very motivated (as far as work is concerned) to deal with mundane affairs.

You will feel light-hearted, and your ability to get on well with everyone is superb – time to put bad feelings in the past and take all relationships forward. There is a spirit of reconciliation in your chart, and you can be instrumental in bringing ‘warring factions’ within your family or friends together.

Aries, December 2016 is a favourable time to invest in art, jewellery or stocks and shares to do with retail or the entertainment industry. You are thinking very clearly and logically right now and can make a wise decision when it comes to planning financially for next year. You may begin to think ahead to a car you wish to buy or an extension for the home.

December 2016 Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

Love interests that arise in December 2016 are mostly flings or possibly friends with benefits flings, which help you to cash into the spirit of the season without thinking about commitment.

The relationship with your partner is really great now, and there is a free flow of communication and love. There is a renewed sense of devotion and commitment to each other.

Christmas is really an important time to Aries, not because of the religious aspect necessarily, but because Aries love the tradition, the excitement, the decorations and lights, and the whole coming together of people really warms you inside.

You will be throwing yourself into festivities and showing your family how fully invested you are in them; it is a time for you to really show those who mean the most to you how important they are to you, and you will also receive the warmth you have craved all year.

Christmas Eve should be really good this year – sexy!

December 2016 is a real recharging of your batteries for 2016, which is set to be a very busy year full of big decisions, so you really can afford to take a mental breather from it all in December 2016.

Aries Career Horoscope December 2016

December 2016 is a favourable time to invest in art, jewellery or sponsor the arts as part of your business. You may benefit from a generous bonus from your company or a large gift from a client. It is certainly a time when hard work will be rewarded.

You may find yourself in a mentoring or advice-giving role to a junior colleague or employee – you are well placed to motivate, guide or even teach this person.

You may take the free time over the Christmas period to do some extra reading, research or learning to do with your job or career. As December draws to an end, you will begin to think ahead and start planning for the next year, 2017, and you may want to think about opportunities and new avenues to explore in terms of career prospects or where to take your business. It is essential that you take stock of socio-political trends and how those may affect your business and how you can take advantage of these rather than be caught out by them.

An improving economic climate should aid Aries next year in terms of pay prospects and finding work.

Some things may have been left uncertain at the end of November; however, from the end of December 2016 things will fall into place, and you will begin to see that the plans are well and truly working.