March 2017 – Aries Horoscope

Love and Life as a Couple

Venus, planet of love and couples, stays in Aries throughout March 2017. But there’s a problem: on the 4th it starts the retrograde motion and stays that way until April 15. So Arians’ tendencies when it comes to relationships are now emphasized.

Social or emotional life become intensified, you get back in touch with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time, you meet old colleagues or old loves come your way.

But expect older issues of the relationship to resurface too, issues that weren’t clarified in due time; or to confront situations that force you to wonder if you’re in the right relationship, what you want from a relationship, what you expect from your loved one or how you can fulfill their expectations.

Mars adds passion, spice, but also potential conflicts during the first decan.

Career and Finances

March 2017 is a very active month for Arians at work too.

Venus, situated in Aries, and Jupiter, situated in Aries’ house of partnerships, are both interested in collaborations, alliances, and associations (an older joint project might become current again!), while energetic Mars demands affection and firm decisions, and Uranus seems more decisive than ever to change something.

All planets mentioned above are on good terms with Saturn, ruler of Aries’ house of career, that thereby promises achievement, success, efficiency.

Studies, journeys, long-distance contracts, internet, and cultural, higher-education or spiritual pursuits are very relevant for Arians’ professional life and help things move forward.

Financial initiative is emphasized after March 10 2017, when Mars – ruler of Aries – enters Aries’ house of money.

Mental and Physical Shape

With the Sun in the 12th solar house, Aries’ health could be tested during the first two decans of March 2017, with a heavier emphasis until the 13th, when in Aries’ 12th house is also Mercury – ruler of Aries’ house of diseases.

You should avoid excesses, addictions, and tiredness.

After March 13 2017 medical solutions or decisions to improve your lifestyle appear, and after March 20 Arians get back in shape in a spectacular manner.


Advice for Aries in March 2017

Get involved, but don’t take on more responsibilities than you can handle!


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