February 2017 – Aries Horoscope

This will be a very big, bright happy month for you and it may even mark a turning point in your personal life. This month holds two eclipses, and before you start shaking your head, saying, “No more eclipses!” let me assure you these eclipses are friendly and very encouraging. They will arrive as a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10 and a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26. Of the two, the big one to watch will be February 10.

In my enthusiasm for your outlook, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s first talk about the opportunities to grow your sphere of influence through friendships and business contacts. The emphasis in the first nine days of February will be all events you are invited to attend or that look interesting and that you would sign up to do. That includes parties, social mixers, charity and club events, trade shows – even political rallies.

To boost your social popularity and magnetism higher, Venus will move into Aries on February 3 to stay until June 6. You might be saying to yourself, “Wait! Venus only stays in any sign for about 6 weeks. Why is Venus staying three months this time, and in my sign of Aries!” Venus will remain in Aries because Venus will retrograde next month from March 5 to April 15.

This is means that March and April will NOT be the time to change your appearance to a radically different look. Do not go from blonde to brunette, for example, or schedule any experimental dermatological treatments or plastic surgery. Men should not grow a beard or shave one off – keep things stable. Don’t buy new eyeglass frames or make any moves involving your face. It’s fine to do grooming and have hair trims, but radical changes are a no-no in March and April. Act now, while Venus in Aries will be in fine shape. Venus rules love too, but affection will be stronger in February – not in March and April, for when Venus retrogrades, the beam from Venus, planet of love, will be muted.

When any planet goes retrograde, it takes a little time for that planet to ramp up to former strength. For Venus, this time it will take until May 18 to return to former power. For this reason, circulate this month if you are single and hoping to find love. The universe will certainly help you find love and fun this month.

Your big day will be February 10, the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, 23 degrees, lighting your fifth house of true love, fun with children, opportunity for pregnancy, and great creativity. This full moon eclipse will be a pleasure. When the past eclipses were in Aries and Libra. you learned to buckle up, for those eclipses were tough. (Think back to the time near those eclipses that were to affect you directly: October 18, 2013; April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; September 27, 2015. Some of those may not have been easy for you.)

By contrast, this eclipse, February 10, will be a peach. It will send a beautiful beam to Uranus in Aries (happy surprises). Mars (action and energy) will be in your sign and is your ruler, therefore is weighted more heavily in your favor. Jupiter (giver of gifts and luck) will also be in the wings to shower you with good fortune. What a trio of planets you have to support your every move! The fact that Mars is among them tells me that you will be decisive and ready move forward.

You may find love, or if you are dating seriously, you have a good chance of becoming engaged by Valentine’s Day, February 14. All eclipses have a plus or minus one full week associated with them. As a matter of fact, some eclipses are felt one month to the day earlier (January 10) or one month to the day later (March 10), plus or minus five days.

Full moons are powerful in their own right, as their job is to crystalize prevailing efforts and bring closure, but a full moon eclipse is super powerful, like three full moons rolled into one. This could be very exciting.

If you are attached, you may have become pregnant, gave birth, or plan to do something special for your child. (The fifth house so lit rules conception and birth.) You may travel to a land afar, as Jupiter will want to broaden your perspective. You may now finish up a big creative project, and if so, it would be exceedingly well received. An agent, partner, collaborator, spouse, or established partner appears to be integral to the luck you see now.

With a packed twelfth house of privacy, the new moon solar eclipse, February 26, will find you meditating about what you would like to happen next in your life.

Every member of your sign will enjoy this eclipse. If your birthday falls on April 11, plus or minus five days, you will benefit from this eclipse in an outstanding way. The same is true if you have Aries rising on or near 22 degrees, the moon in Aries in that degree, or a natal planet in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at or within five degrees of 22 degrees – in that case, you will do especially well too, and this should work out to be a memorable time in 2017.

I want you to circle these days on your calendar, aside from February 10. Start with February 9, a day that should bring all sorts of romantic, creative, or child-oriented pleasures and surprises due to the Sun and Uranus in ideal angle. The moon will be in divine-for-you sign of Leo.

Also, watch February 11, possibly your very best day of the season when you and a partner will be seeing eye-to-eye and dancing together in a flawless Fred-and Ginger way. It’s clear on this day you are both so very right for each other. Jupiter will send a shimmering beam to the Sun, getting my vote to give this day four stars.

On February 13, remarkably, the Sun and Saturn will be in ideal sync, a great day to sign papers for the creation of a long-lasting relationship. Promises made will be promises kept. The same will be true the next day, Valentine’s Day, February 14, too. On Valentine’s Day, the moon will be in marriage-minded Libra. I am so excited about the aspects on and near Valentine’s Day!

February 21 will be a golden day for a speech, handing in a manuscript, taking a trip, signing a contract, or having a big first meeting. Travel will sparkle too. Mercury and Jupiter will be very friendly, making this a standout day that deserves four stars.

Two days later, February 23, Mercury will be in ideal angle to Saturn, the planet of long-term gain. If you want a promise or agreement to last, make it on February 23.

The major solar eclipse of Sunday, February 26, will fall in Pisces, 8 degrees, the last eclipse in the Virgo and Pisces series that has been going on for two years. With a packed twelfth house of privacy, this new moon eclipse will find you meditating about what you would like to happen next in your life. It will come conjunct Neptune, suggesting that if you work behind the scenes on a creative project, you will get a great deal done. You will work in an inspired way, and you will be capable of creating work of great beauty and grace.

This eclipse will also put an emphasis on your mind, body, and spirit. It will be a perfect time to see a coach or doctor about a fear you may have had, or a dependency on just about any substance or food, so that you can subtract it from your life.

At the same time as the eclipse, Mars, your ruler, now in Aries, will conjoin Uranus in Aries. This is a “hot” aspect, and when you have Uranus the planet of unpredictable events, things could go either way. I am optimistic however, in that Saturn, still in fire sign Sagittarius, will be sending his gifts of stability to a normally highly volatile aspect. I think what comes up will be comforting and calming – and joyfully surprising.

One last thing – I am so happy that Venus AND your ruler, Mars, will both be in Aries. Wow, what a sexy combination this month These two won’t make a conjunction but will get VERY close near February 4-5 and February 6. Your charisma will be very high. If you are single, be open to new people – don’t put up too much barbed wire, dear Aries. By that I mean, don’t have strict perimeters around the type of person you think you are looking to meet. Be open!

If you are attached, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is still in your seventh house of marriage (and will be until October 10), allowing you to expand your concept of marriage, to give more and get more in return. If you have not been happy, then you must find a way to leave – not always easy if children are involved, as there are economic considerations. If you think about your situation, with Jupiter in this part of your chart, you can find a way to be free again.

If you are happy, this year, the circle of love will grow. With Jupiter showering you and your partner with golden beams, you will have the power to build a future of great love and affection.

Source: Astrologyzone.com

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