Aries – October 2016 – Horoscope

aries_wallpaper_by_thedementedsmurfOctober is a gentler month for you, dear Aries. A major focus this month is your relationships, companionability, and intimacy. Even so, it’s one of your more ambitious months of the year. Your competitive, enterprising nature comes to the fore, and you readily throw yourself into pursuing your goals. This can be a time of increased activity in your career, but you may also feel a strong desire to take the lead and act independently. In your personal life, however, you’re in an entirely different frame of mind. Collaboration and cooperation are in focus.

You bring more energy and innovation to your working life this month. You’re self-motivated and prefer not to answer to others. Working independently and at your own pace makes the most sense now if you manage it. You may be arousing opposition or generating competition. You may want to make it clear that you’re most interested in besting yourself than beating out the competition. You have more courage to get something off the ground, and you’re up for a challenge. You’re keeping things fresh and stimulating your creativity by making small changes. This is a time when you don’t accept stagnation, so take advantage.

The year ahead is strong for connecting with partners, counseling, advising, and getting legal help. This month, you get a big taste of this energy. The 4-5 is particularly strong for useful advice and the power of teaming up and combining your talents with someone. You might benefit from keeping someone’s confidence around the 10-11, or you may receive recognition for work you’ve done in the past. Healing activities are in focus.

The 15-16 can be tricky. The Sun’s annual opposition to Uranus, currently in your sign, occurs around the time of a Full Moon in your sign. This tends to highlight your needs for both partnership and independence and the disruptions in your life that occur as a result of this inner conflict. You may need to find the right balance, which is not easy. Innovate rather than react. Surprising events and emotions are quite likely now.

There can be a clearer window into a financial or intimate matter around the 26-27 and a chance to take charge and start fresh on your findings after the 30th. The 29th highlights decisions related to relationships, money, publishing, and higher education and seeing these things from a particularly practical perspective.

Source: CafeAstrology

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