May 2016 Aries Horoscope

Aries May

In May, think about ways you can bring more money in, and hold on to more of the money you already have and earn. As you begin, you will have four heavenly bodies in your second house of earned income, so there’s plenty of positive energy there to help you. You have the new moon of May 6 in Taurus 17 degrees, accompanied by the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, also in Taurus. Of that group, the new moon and Venus will have a dominant part to play. Benefic Venus rules not only love and fun, but has powerful links to money too, and its placement here makes me feel you can make more money, so the first step would be to ask for a raise.

You need a new moon in the second house to get one – and this month, May 6, you will have it! You only get one new moon a year in your second house of earned income, so take full advantage. This would also be an ideal time to negotiate a new salary for a job you’ve already been in interviews for. Take your time – Mercury is retrograde until May 22, and I would rather you not take a job if you can avoid doing so until then.

This is a very favorable new moon – Jupiter in Virgo will be in a perfect angle to help from your work sector, and Neptune will help too from his perch in your eleventh house of friendship and groups, covering both social groups and professional ones – either could be a big help to you now. Or, a friend may recommend you for a new position, or show you how to effectively ask for a raise. Everyone benefits from a sounding board now and then, and a friend may be the one to help you most now.

If you cannot get a raise and need more money, you can consider switching to a better position, earning more money by working overtime, taking on a side job, or selling things you own that you no longer need. Or, one of the easiest ways to see more cash in your checking account would be to cut unnecessary recurring costs that don’t add much to your overall happiness. Cut those expenses, and you will instantly have more money to spend on things that do matter to you. All new moons are powerful within ten days AFTER they occur, but of that time, the energy of the planets will be strongest near the date they appear, in this case May 6. For that reason, start getting ready now. With a new moon at 17 degrees, Jupiter will be at an ideal position to help you get the money you deserve, for Jupiter is at 13 degrees Virgo – very close enough for a beautiful “trine,” which is one of the very best aspects you could ever hope to get. Neptune will be helpful too, by being at 12 degrees Pisces. You?ve got many people rooting for you, and you may not even be aware of how staunch the support for you is these days!

May 6 is a Friday, and the following day, Saturday, May 7, the Sun will be making a perfect “trine” to the Sun. A trine is one the most heavenly aspect possible, when two planets are 120 degrees apart. You will benefit from this lovely aspect the day before, on Friday, May 6, making that new moon doubly powerful. A super-powerful VIP will likely be sympathetic to a request you may make at the time. It is clear that you will be solid gold professionally in May’s first week.

Before we get to May 6 and May 7, there is one day I love and want to take special notice of, namely May 3. It is a date that we must not overlook. On that day the Sun and Jupiter will be in elegant angles – again a golden trine – and when these two luminaries get together there is always a possibility for making lots of money. Because Jupiter is based in your workaday sector, you can do work on a special project that will allow you to increase your cash flow, either now or eventually. Specifically, that would be near the full moon in your tenth house of fame and honors two months from now, on July 19, the time when higher-ups will examine your record. Keep a big star on May 3, and stay optimistic.

The special aspects keep rolling, and so your chances for hearing good financial news will keep on coming. Circle, May 10 when Venus, in your earned income sector, and Jupiter, in your sixth house of work projects, will collaborate. It’s another wonder-day for your finances, so no matter what business action you take on this day, it should have a wonderful outcome. Self-employed Aries should be rejoicing this month, especially on the days I have already mentioned.

Overall, as you move through May, you will need to follow a slower than usual pace, for we have many planets in retrograde. Your ruler, Mars, is retrograde, a holdover from April 17, not to go direct until June 29. You will always feel Mars more than most signs, for Mars rules Aries.

On top of Mars retrograde, his brother, Mercury, is also retrograde. Mercury started his backward motion on April 28 and will continue until May 22. You can’t really sign papers while Mercury is out of phase, nor buy computers, tablets, flat screen TVs, expensive earphones, or smart phones, for Mercury rules all electronics. Mercury’s bother, Mars, rules the iron gears in machines, so it is not the time to buy a car or any machine with many moving parts like a washer-dryer, expensive vacuum cleaner, or refrigerator. You would be better off waiting until July to shop. I have a good friend whose car broke down, and she has four children and lives in New Jersey. She can wait to get a new car in June, but no longer – I told her any month would be better to shop for the car than in May!

As an Aries, you want things to move ahead quickly, but that won’t happen in May. Actually, we have more planets retrograde in one month than I have seen in recent memory. In addition to Mercury and Mars retrograde, we also have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde too. In this sense, we are all in the same boat – everyone will be dealing with a slow schedule. We don’t feel the outer planets when retrograde too much – Mercury and Mars are the main ones, for they spin close to earth. It seems the universe is speaking clearly here – go back to projects you started but put aside for lack of time. As projects, meetings, and people cancel or get delayed, your schedule will open up, and you will be able to devote the free you are given to things that matter.

The good news is that Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will go direct May 9, and that will help you see the pace of day-to-day projects go smoother. If a project has been going off the rails, although you will need Mercury to straighten out by May 22, you will feel things go slightly better.

When any planet goes direct, watch the days that circle that date, for you will be given a subtle whisper of a message about what part of your life is about to get news of a positive change or breakthrough. You may get a phone call or letter – something will come up that represents news, and it should make you happy. Jupiter has been retrograde since early January! If you have suffered with a health condition, you may see things turn for the better near May 9, for your sixth house of work also covers efforts you take to stay healthy or to recover from a condition that has plagued you.

Romantically, on May 3, you will enjoy a sweet bonus in your love life. This that favorite day I spoke about to you earlier that might help you see more money come to your pocket. There is another possible outcome, again bringing good news, but it will be different news – all of it exciting. The Sun rules Aries’ fifth house of love, pregnancy, care of children, and creativity, and on May 3, Jupiter will boost all those areas, depending on which one might apply to you.

On the full moon, May 21, in Sagittarius 1 degree, you may be taking a distant trip, but it seems short in duration. Mars will conjoin this full moon, so you seem to be heading to the airport and returning to a place you’ve been before. The Sun will be in Gemini by then, so you may be visiting your sister, brother, or cousin at that time, or you may be traveling to conclude a contract, face-to-face, done with a client you know and have visited before and who is based in a distant city.

Next month, we will have another full moon in the same sign, Sagittarius, 29 degrees, on June 20. However, these two full moons are very different in terms of the aspects surrounding them. If you need to travel, do so this month. On June 20, Mercury, the planet of not only agreements and travel will oppose Saturn. Not good – this looks to be a hard trip, either because you will have a strenuous schedule, a client who cannot make a decision, or because you will be beset with may delays, or all three!

I want to mention that if your birthday falls on March 21, or within four days of this date, you will benefit from this month?s full moon of May 21. The same is true if you have Aries rising at 1 degree, or a natal planet in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius – you too will benefit, Add a plus or minus four degrees to the rising sign or the natal planet in the signs mentioned too.

Adding to this emphasis on travel, your ruling planet, Mars, will remain in your long-distance travel house all month until May 27, when Mars will back into Scorpio (more about that in minute).

Once Mars backs into your eighth house of other people’s money on May 27 to stay until August 2, your mind will be on certain types of finances, including savings and retirement accounts, credit cards, student loans, bank loans, mortgage, refinanced mortgages, insurance payouts, commissions, bonus, and other such matters. This will remain the case from May 27 through August 3. Expenses might climb, but I am not sure why. It may be that you feel cash poor because you will be making investments in your retirement account or stock portfolio, paying university tuition, sending your child to camp, or working on fixing up your house or apartment. The possibilities are limitless, but I mentioned those to get you thinking. You also appear to be traveling more than usual this month, May, but also possibly June 21 (not a good idea), and almost certainly in August and September. That’s quite a bit of travel, and you will be going to a distant city.

In terms of love, you will enjoy more romance once Venus tiptoes into highly compatible air-sign Gemini, May 24 to June 17. Gemini is also a travel sign, so you may meet someone interesting when you are in a nearby spot singles go to relax on weekends. Also, let’s not forget May 3, as mentioned earlier, on your exceptional day for love, no matter what your marital status happens to be – everyone wins.


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