Aries Career and Financial Future for 2016

Aries CareerWith Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, in Aries’ house of work, the first eight months of 2016 could give you satisfaction, especially because Jupiter makes a nice trine with Pluto, in Aries’ house of career. This trine has a regenerating, readjusting, re-configuring effect, stimulates the enterprising spirit and the confidence in one’s own achieving capability.

At the same time though, Jupiter makes a square with Saturn and an opposition to Neptune, meaning you’ll have to fight to overcome some obstacles and clear up some confusing, unclear, iffy situations.

In January-February 2016 Mercury’s retrograde cycle, that affects Aries’ house of career and that of supporters and group activities, invites you to analyze goals and means, and could result in some reconsideration and decisions. An older project could claim your attention again during the same term.

In August and September 2016 Mercury is again in retrograde cycle, which this time it spends in Aries’ house of work. They are busy, stressful months, emphasizing intellectual effort, communication, calculations, documents.

With Mars in Aries’ house of career, the last months of 2016 bring a lot of ambition, determination, and efficiency.

Good news though: starting with September 2016, Jupiter facilitates the arrival of new contracts, partnerships, and profitable alliances, that look to be long-lasting.

In regard to money, the first three trimesters of 2016 are very dynamic for Arians, but could predispose them toward impulsive or uninspired decisions, complications, and losses. All that because Mars’ retrograde cycle affects one of Aries’ houses of finances (house that it also rules, actually). Also, it covers terms during which Mars is disadvantaged by Saturn’s vicinity.

Whatever opportunities might arise in January-February 2016 could be deceiving, and the second half of April and months May, June, and August could be truly critical.

By large, financial initiatives should be regarded with prudence until fall. Risk is a luxury you can’t afford. Be careful especially about everything to do with banks, IRS, insurance, accounting, loans, money of partners and associates!

Though agitated and predisposed to conflict, the term could be interesting for Arians in regard to recuperating valuables.

So, professionally and financially, 2016 is a challenging, difficult year that pushes you toward reorganizing, but has a significant growth potential.


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