April 2016 Horoscope for Aries

AriesThe month ahead is one of personal power, dear Aries, and a time for your yearly “new beginning” or fresh start. You have a New Moon occurring, as well as the Sun and Venus in your sign much of the month. However, your ruler, Mars, turns retrograde on April 17th, making going after what you want a little more complicated than you might expect. Even so, you’re drawing positive attention and in the position to attend to personal plans and needs in April.

Venus is in your sign from the 5-29, and this helps to soften your disposition and aids efforts to enjoy yourself, pursue your wishes, and “make nice” with people in your life. People notice you, want you, and want to be around you. This is a generally good position for money matters, and with Mercury in your finances sector much of the month, and the Sun there from the 19th forward, April is a notable month for making money and for attracting the right resources to you.

The New Moon on the 7th is all about you! It’s time to put your personal interests first, although be aware that too-sudden changes can stir up opposition. The 10-12 is excellent for both work and social life. Innovative ideas and methods can be employed now. Personal appeal is strong now as well.

Mars moves very slowly throughout April, and as your fiery, energetic ruler, you may feel that life is slowing down or that you don’t have the usual energy and direction. You can take some time to orient yourself to this, but once you do, you might find that you benefit from taking extra time to pause, reflect, and look back. The entire retrograde cycle lasts until June 29th and will move through two different sectors of your chart over this stretch. Possible areas of life that can experience delays or require review include legal, publishing, travel, education, and financial matters. There may be some things that catch up with you at this time, and that prompt a need to review, return to a previous condition, or tie up loose ends.

It’s not that you lack confidence during Mars’ retrograde, but that you often need to look within for answers. Questioning your plans is likely, and in fact quite necessary. The temptation to push ahead with personal plans is strong, but circumstances could have you feeling stuck. Watch for temper tantrums – they are unlikely to go over well. You’ll be at your strongest if you tame impatience and work on projects that need fine-tuning or completion rather than adding more to your plate. Correct misunderstandings swiftly. As you grow accustomed to this energy, you’ll begin to realize that reviewing, renewing, and recycling can be the most rewarding activities – look to projects you’ve already begun in the past with renewed interest and motivation, for example. Consider areas of your life that you may have charged past or through, and that could use some revamping or extra attention. You may find some gems in the process. This can be even more important once Mercury is retrograde (from April 28-May 22), as this retrograde is occurring in Taurus and your values sector. You can have good luck with seeing value in projects, objects, and situations that you may have otherwise overlooked.

Pluto’s station retrograde occurs just one day after Mars stations retrograde, on the 18th. This station is far less uncommon and has less of an impact, but does point to the need for extra care with activities from the 16-19. It can also have the effect of initially magnifying work and reputation pressures, but going forward, some of the pressure you’ve been feeling to perform is moved to the backseat.

More attention to personal possessions, money matters, natural talents, matters of security and comfort, and intimate relationships is likely in the last 10 days of the month. Pay close attention to what surfaces around the Full Moon on the 22nd, whether this is new information or new emotions.

Source: CafeAstrology.com

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