January 2015 Aries Horoscope

January begins with a strong emphasis on responsibilities and business, dear Aries, but rather quickly transitions towards more focus on, and attention to, happiness and social life. If you’ve been so busy with your responsibilities to others that you’ve neglected things around the home or with family, the Full Moon on the 4th will remind you of the imbalance. It’s also a time for considering reaching out to others and teaming up in order to get more accomplished. Some of you could be motivated to rally for a cause, and some may be leading a group. Friendships are animated, and you can easily feel passionate about causes close to your heart. Some of you could be struggling with demands on your time that take you away too often from fun, creative activities, children, or a romance. If you need to get things done that demand quite a bit of energy, or that require quick action and decisions, it’s best to do so before March 12th. After that date, you’re more inclined to reflect than take action, and to require more rest and “down” time. However, you could also be especially motivated to do something about a burdensome situation. You are inclined to review the past, as well as the sacrifices you are currently making. If you need to start fresh in a current relationship or with a friendship, get your intentions clear around the New Moon on the 20th, but be prepared to do some backtracking before moving forward.

Source: Cafe Astrology

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