October 2013 – Aries Horoscope



Tune into the power of compromise this month, dear Aries, as it is what works wonders for you now. Recognizing your need for others in your life, rather than resisting all support, is important in October. The 8th brings accountability with a partner or with finances, taxes, and other money matters. The need to get serious arises, or a reality check is in order. You’ll likely revisit these matters from a new perspective in the last few days of the month. From the 7th forward, your love life tends to lighten up, although it’s not the time for making any commitments. Your tastes are more exotic now, and this extends beyond romantic interests. You are a little more courageous and secure about what you’re offering the world, particularly from the 7-15 when you have both Venus and Mars supporting you. Even so, watch for romantic and financial illusions on the 9-10, when you may be believing only what you want to believe. Protect yourself from disappointment, or learn from it if you want to take an emotional risk. The 16th is a potentially wonderful day for personal magnetism and courage. A personal project or matter reaches a head around the 18th, and life picks up speed after a temporary lull on the 19th, when it’s important to take extra safety and health precautions, as your judgment may be temporarily impaired. From the 21st forward, an intensive review of your finances is in order. You are super-charged when it comes to work projects and health or self-improvement programs.

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