July 2013 – Aries Horoscope



Your main areas of focus this month, dear Aries, are work and family, with a little time for pleasure-seeking as well! In fact, you can take much pleasure in nurturing your own needs, as there are plenty of forces that prompt you to turn inward this month. You may not be quite as spontaneous or impulsive. Building your nest figures strongly in July, but so does getting organized. The cosmos are nudging your attention in the direction of home and family, and getting everything in order in this life department. This might require some changes in your approach to career, and some schedule juggling. Not everything around the home is likely to run smoothly with Mercury retrograde in your family and home sector until the 20th, but it’s a great time for picking up where you left off on older projects. Following the dictates of your heart will serve you most this month, except when it comes to finances. Saturn’s direct turn on the 8th moves business and financial affairs forward with more clarity, but also more responsibility! A Grand Trine occurring from the 16-22 can point to property gains or support from family; or you could secure a loan or mortgage that helps you to improve your home life. Connecting intimately with another person boosts your sense of security. With so very much emphasis in your chart on your inner world, you are learning to attach more meaning and value to the intangibles in life. This month is about filling your heart. The 21-22 is a powerful time for taking action, especially around the home and with family. Emotions are stirred and you have growth and improvement in mind. In the last week of July, a creative project bears fruit, matures, or is otherwise clinched. This energy could also manifest as a romantic overture.

Source: cafeastrology.com

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