What are your Aries traits?

What are your Aries traits?

Those personalities born between March 21st and April 20th are in the first sign of the zodiac, which means Aries features the sign of the ram.

Your Elemental Character:

Cardinal fire – This most active of combinations imbues you with a pioneering and assertive drive. However … if this dynamism is not tempered with forethought, it can leave headstrong Aries with problems which could have been avoided. This trailblazing energy also makes you a natural leader.

Aries traits tend to produce strong competitors, as they feature a strong will allied with self belief. They are regarded as generous and loyal friends. Plus, a traditional Aries trait is a kind of optimism that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Aries personalities like to be productive — they can bore easily, and become stifled and restless in the face of inaction. The Aries character tends to handle stresses either by blowing their top, or blowing steam off later through a sporting activity.

On the negative side, the Aries trait of impatience can lead to pushiness, or simply becoming oblivious to others in a race to get to the head of the queue. You also may get irritated by others lack of speed, or their insistence on thinking things through when you feel immediate action is called for.

Arians respect, and practice, the trait of plain speaking — but if this characteristic is taken too far then they can be outspoken to the point of rudeness.


Aries features are well suited to championing projects and taking the initiative. However, you may also be prone to taking on too much or trying to do everything yourself.

You can apply your intrepid Aries characteristics to fields such as medicine and research, business, athletics, and the military (although you may not make the best subordinate).

Many Aries start their own business at some point — they are prone to making new starts, and comfortable taking risks. However, Aries characteristics need to be balanced, as you might be dismissive of the details and routines essential to business success. Traditionally, the Aries personality works well coordinating the features of big business.

CHARACTERISTIC PROBLEM: Lacking a direction for your energy and focus, leading to depression/pointless activity.

SOLUTION: Take some down time to recharge the batteries, and construct an inspiring plan that addresses short-, medium- and long-term timeframes.

CHARACTERISTIC PROBLEM: Being overrun with conflicts as too many areas of life morph into mini-battles.

SOLUTION: Remember that viewing everything as a potential competition, is an inefficient approach for many situations. Once Arians see that not every area of life is a zero-sum game, then they are able to conserve their energy for the clashes that really matter.

CHARACTERISTIC PROBLEM: Aries can act like the ram itself, and keep battering away at resistance without looking up for an alternate path.

SOLUTION: Pause, and question whether persistence along the same route is really the best approach (it might be), or if a change in tactics would be more effective. It can help to realize that, often, the best response to provocation is no response.


The Warrior
The Femme Fatale
The Pioneer / Survivor


It’s important to note that star signs are only that – the sign that the Sun was in during your birth. All the other planets, and the aspects between them make compatibility much more complex than looking at just your birth sign.

Nonetheless, we can draw inferences, and Aries characteristics are compatible with:


Aries likes a challenge, and not just before the relationship, but during it too … free-spirited Sagittarians can provide this along with the energy to match Aries every step of the way. In turn, Aries can add even more drive to Sagittarian quests. The main drawback is that arguments are possible as both signs can be direct and uncompromising.


Emma Thompson (A) and Kenneth Branagh (S), Alec Baldwin (A) and Kim Basinger (S), Reese Witherspoon (A) and Jake Gyllenhaal (S)


This is a magnetic, high-energy pairing: Leo enjoys Aries’ pursuit of them … and together they have the confidence to become a star couple. Aries may also enjoy not having to take the lead all the time. A possible flashpoint is Leo perceiving Aries’ flirting with others as disrespectful. Additionally, Aries can feel Leos to be a tad bossy or even manipulative.


Sean Penn (L) and Robin Wright Penn (A), Andrew Lloyd Webber (A) and Sarah Brightman (L), Robert De Niro (L) and Grace Hightower (A)


This Fire/Air combination can work well for Aries, as Aquarians find their company exciting. And Aries, for their part, finds Aquarius energy intellectually refreshing and stimulating. They will also be happy with each other’s independence. However, rebellious Aquarius has an extremist side, so clashes and a lack of compromises are possible.


Vince Vaughn (A) and Jennifer Anniston (Aq)


LIKES: Setting targets, lost causes, speed, empowering technology
DISLIKES: Weakness, following others, being overlooked
PLANET: Mars (credit: http://www.nasa.gov)


“Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war”

Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 1

A brief account of the mythology of the star sign Aries is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aries_(astrology)

Sources: starsigntraits.com

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