Aries Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Aries man might look very stern but he is actually sensitive. He wants everyone to like him, even to love him family, friends, and strangers and naturally the woman he owns. He needs to be proud of the woman he loves, to be able to show her off and brag about her and chooses a woman who will fit the bill. The moment someone realizes him that he has been quite selfish, he will quickly apologize in order to cope with the guilt.

A Libran woman’s basic instinct is tact and thoughtfulness, which is usually blended nicely and equally with her own well-designed and controlled, forceful drive and aggressive nature. She probably will be superior to lots of other women, super bright and startlingly attractive, curvaceous and so forth; this woman will fit all of an Aries’s requirements. There are a very few people who can deal with the level of determination showcased by the Libra woman.

The Libra lady is quite a lot of woman. Very few men can cope with her powerful combination of masculine determination and delectable daintiness. But Aries man loves to take up any challenges that the Libra woman throws at him. If the Libra woman can adequately use her charm to influence the Aries man, he can reach great heights of success. She will hardly dry to dampen his enthusiasm through criticism and the Aries man loves this quality of hers, and in return he will patiently listen to the things that she wants to discuss about. If she uses her charm and patience to direct his flaming ambitions and incredible energies toward some worthy goal, he can become a crusader for all manner of goodness and glory.

They will find a lot of happiness through their physical relationship. The feminine nature of the Libra woman and the passionate nature of the Aries man create a great chemistry for the physical relationship. Her femininity and his masculinity harmonize beautifully and smoothly, in the most natural way. This man’s sexual image of himself is closely woven into his ability to be always right and emerge victorious in the eyes of the woman he loves. But if at any situation he feels that he have been rejected in any way, then he can become very cold towards the Libra woman. He must take the lead in their sexual togetherness, as in every other way. If she allows this, and understands the needs behind it, he’ll be the most sensitive, romantic, sentimental, affectionate, and passionate lover she could imagine.

Both Aries man and Libra woman love to lead their own way. A relationship will never work when there’s a constant battle over leadership, they’ll have to learn to be equals. They’ll have to learn to ride their horses side by side, as equals, not as superior and subordinate. The Libra woman should not try to manipulate the Aries man quite often because he can easily assess her intentions, and will stop complying with her wishes. At times the Libra women will feel that the she is losing the equilibrium in her life because the Aries man always influences her decisions, and the reason she complies with his wishes is only because she is in love with him. It’s the only way they’ll ever find the way back home into each others’ hearts when they’ve quarreled and both of them have been deeply hurt.

Aries man and Libra woman are totally divergent personalities but still they make a lovely pair. The Aries man likes the calmness exuded by the Libra woman. The Libra woman likes the way Aries man treats her and keeps her engaged in one thing or the other.


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  • Angel Says:

    I recently started talking to an aries man, and he has me head over heels. I am currently seeking advice on different websites to try to get a sense of misunderstanding as to where this relationship might take us. I have dated an aries before and we lasted about 6 months until I realized we are complete opposites. I’m really hoping this GUY is the one for me! I’m trying to soak up all the knowledge I can find to get an idea of what to expect and how to accept his ways. Im a libra willing to adapt to his ways to make him happy. Hopefully I can be everything he’s looking for.

    • Angel Says:

      whoops, type-o meant, * understanding *

    • Saran Says:

      Hi Barbara, as a libran right now this last 60 days were turublent, like a storm, and I am just floating, surviving, I feel like I am in a piece of wood out in the ocean, just floating and going whereever the wind is carrying me. Changing job, changes in home, just the relationship holds up but not without shaking itself. UFFF when is going to stop_???

  • Charnesia Says:

    Awesomely stated… my youth it didnt work… my more mature adult life……its the best love afair ever:)

  • Treez Says:

    Ive recently fallen head over heels for an Aries man and struggling with the opposite personalities we have. Apart from that, everything else we have in common. His hot & cold temperament is what throws me the most. I’m searching for stories on happy endings, are there any??

    • Aries Master Says:

      Absolutely! I think tolerance and finding comfort in the happy times helps a lot. Aries Men like change and variety. We are very impatient and don’t like repetition. Aries like to live on the edge but still have a sense of control. We are an impatient breed but very loyal and loving when nurtured.(Nurtured…not smothered) Surprise him with something exciting that is unexpected. Aries Men are very sensitive and born fighters. If he does something special for you or has something going on in his life and you don’t respond according to his expectations….He will take notice. This is where a lot of the hot and cold you mentioned is about. Take a look at your sign compatibility but don’t live by it. Sorry for the delay in response. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  • Clarice Says:

    Okay, my boss is an Aries male and I am a Libra. We have worked together for a year now and there has never been a boring moment between us. We fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but it never lasts more than a couple of minutes because we quickly make up. I explain that my feelings have been hurt and he quickly apologizes (it never fails)! Oh, I get so excited just thinking about it. We gaze into each others eyes and we both want sex with each other. Except I want more than sex with him and if I can’t have more then I don’t want to take the risk that are involved. We have had sexual dreams about each other and on one occasion we had the same sexual dream on the same night and told each other about it at the same time the next day. He said that he woke up sweating with a hard on and the dream was so real that it took him a minute to figure out where he was at. He doesn’t ever give up on me and I won’t let him. I want him…he wants me…but there is a big problem, he is married. I know that is so bad, but I can’t take it much longer and he can’t either, he has said so. I am afraid that if the tension between us isn’t easied that I could lose my job or turn him against me. I truely do not want either to happen. I think that I might even be in love with him. He gets jealous when I talk to other men at work and he will not let it go, he gives me a hard time about it everyday. I don’t know what to do, does anyone have any advise that might help me other than, “Stay away from the married man girl”. I know I shouldn’t go there but I also believe in some situations it can’t be helped. I would give anything if I could just know what his intentions are, is he only out for the the chase? Does he really have feelings for me? He has even started buying and giving me things, I wonder if thats just his way of trying to make me feel like I “owe” him. I’m so confused, please help.

    • LibraAngel80 Says:

      1st of all…Aries men LOVE women…obviously he may be BORED at home or not happy with his current situation. if he is not happy at home, then he should step up and be a man and get divorced from his wife before even CONSIDERING messing with ANYONE else – and you should tell him that. 2ndly…don’t break up a marriage or be ‘that girl’. It’s not respectful and it’s not right! There is a reason this man married that woman and believe me when I tell you, if I was his wife and found out…you’d be in hot…boiling…water…not a good situation. There are many other unmarried Aries men out there… Put him in his place and then realize yours.

  • Y Says:

    I’ve talked to an aries men I don’t know what happen-but we did not meet due to work we still talk we meet on a call by Busness matters how ever seemed to fizz..

  • Teah Says:

    Well I am a Libra women.. I been dating this Aries man for the last 8 years.. I understand let him chase you.. So we been having up and down.. We… Aries and Libra.. this year had split up because he cheated on me with a Gemini… I know when Aries and Gemini get together its like heaven match… I not jealous.. Yes i still love him.. We talk still.. He send me mix signals but he live with her… I want him back but we fight so much.. I am more on having my family straight.. And fight very hard to make us straight… While he worry about pussy and his self… He brag in my face how they don’t fight… It hurt like hell cuz i try to run from fighting him. But after a while he get under my skin and hell breaks out… He keep telling he miss me and love me.. But i don’t feel that way cuz he treat me like his enemy and this other female he cheat on me like his queens.. I use to feel use.. Hell still do.. because i take care of his grandma..and when he need me..i always there… And he only talk to me when he want too now …but when he talk to me i don’t know what is real or a lie… I show him i still here while he still out there playing.. I am always so serious and he always childest.. He don’t listen.. All his ideas in his head are right but turn out so wrong.. Me being a libra hate to see him look bad.. So i have his back.. But when i need him.. He not there but a knife in my back.. When we not fighting or trying just get basic living down .. A loving couple.. Making people jealous of us into they see the real us… I tired of fighting and i saw him with his Gemini… I just know this i tired of this games.. And i want him to chose me like i chose him.. At the end if he work with me and not against me.. We can be a very powerful couple.. But i can’t get him on the same page… I know that we can make it.. But i am starting to wonder is it worth it.. He hurt me so bad..did me so bogus.. I was here for him when his mom died.. He treat me like shit..that’s when he move in with the gemini while i take care of his Granny.. Just want know how can i get him back…

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