Aries – Element – Fire

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Element: Fire

Fire signs are naturally warm. A fire gives light and heat, but it doesn’t get depleted as others feed on its warmth. One candle can bring light to a room and it won’t burn any faster if ten people read from its light than if there was only one. Fire doesn’t plan it next move; it isn’t logical. It simply is in the moment and will burn what fuel is available without judgment or forethought. For this reason fire signs can successfully rely on their intuition and survival instincts.

The fire of Aries is spontaneous and hot. It’s like a pile of dry kindling that burns fast but cannot sustain itself for the long haul.


Why are they called Fire signs?:

The signs of the Zodiac are grouped in four triplicities based on their element. The other triplicities are water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) and earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).

Why are they called Fire signs?:The signs of the Zodiac are grouped in four triplicities based on their element. The other triplicities are water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) and earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).

What are the general characteristics of the Fire signs?:

Those with planets in fire signs have a simmering at-the-ready stance, as they hunt for things that light them up. They’re prone to sudden illuminating flashes of insight and bursts of enthusiasm. Like fire itself, they can flare up when inspired, making them seem very passionate about life. They like to live large, and often feel frustrated by mundane chores and duties.

Fire signs are known to be intuitive, and to rely on gut-level instincts. Going on faith in their inner guidance gets them far, but they have a tendency to skip crucial steps, or to be unaware of the emotional impact of their actions.

How are the three Fire signs different?:

Along with the triplicities, there is another grouping in astrology, known as the qualities. These are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable — each element has a sign with one of the qualities. Among the fire signs, Aries is cardinal, Leo is fixed and Sagittarius is mutable.

Fire and Water:

Fire’s greatest gift is being able to inspire, and this appeals to Water’s desire for meaning. A generous Fire person shows Water how to be in the moment, even if they’re carrying lots of psychological baggage. Water takes Fire on an emotional journey that helps them see how they’re related to others. At its worst and most out of balance, Fire can zap Water by being totally overwhelming and Water smothers Fire when it offers only insular, claustrophobic intimacy.

Fire and Earth:

Sometimes Fire has lots of visionary ideas that Earth can help put into tangible form. This can make pragmatic Earth feel needed and appreciated, not to mention that Fire’s enthusiasm is contagious. If Earth becomes too slow and plodding for Fire, this match could get snagged in frustration. Through Earth’s eyes, Fire may seem unrealistic and unwilling to do the legwork to make things happen.

Fire and Air:

When Fire and Air get together, there can be a lot of inspired thinking. Fire helps Air find focus when scattered, and adds optimism to any plans hatched. Air can articulate the big picture for the impulse-driven Fire, while the latter keeps things from being all talk and no action. These two keep eachother in stitches, open the doors of perception and find new ways to astonish the other.

Fire and Fire:

When Fire meets Fire, life can be an exuberant adventure. It’s a vital match where there is mutual inspiration and encouragment. The challenge comes when fiery temperaments turn into struggles for dominance. If there is only drama, without an emotional foundation, this match can burn itself out.


spontaneous, inspired, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, self-centered, visionary, dramatic, instinctual

The Fire Element in Astrology:

When the fire element is present, there’s a warm radiance, a trust in life’s journey and a willingness to take risks. Any party or celebration is made better with the presence of a fully-charged up fire sign. They’re great catalysts for play, and liable to unearth the spontaneous side of those around them. Because they sense a golden thread of destiny and potential running through their own lives, they have a knack for leading others to theirs.

Fire signs act on instinct or “sixth sense,” and that makes them look reckless to more cautious types. They’re actually following a powerful intuition that keeps them at the leading edge of fresh experiences.

Fire is infused with the divine spark, and this can spread like wildfire to everyone around them. They’ve got a lust for life that is enviable. Those that are weighted down might try to toss a wet blanket on their enthusiasm, so Fire must vigilantly guard its beacon. It’s important for them to have cheerleaders to fan the flames of their interests.

But Fire that thinks only of itself learns the wisdom of the other elements the hard way. They’ll keep coming up against resistance, until there is willingness to see there are no short cuts. Each of the other elements has something to offer, and in return, Fire gives off a glow that is as nourishing as the rays of the Sun.


The four Zodiac Elements…Fire, Earth, Air and Water…are also known as the Triplicities since there are three signs belonging to each Elemental category. Thus, this trio of Signs share something of a similar basic character. These Elements are also known as the Four Humors, utilized in Astro-Meteorology to describe a type of wind and in other matters associated with the weather. Empedocles, a Fifth Century Greek philosopher, originated the terms “Fire,” “Earth,” “Air” and “Water,” explaining the nature of the universe as an interaction of two opposing principles called “Love” and “Strife” who manipulated the four Elements. Empedocles also stated that these four Elements were all equal and of the same age, each ruling its own province and each possessing its own individual character. Thus, different mixtures of these Elements produced the different natures of things.

Many historic philosophers and alchemists also believed that the four Elements exhibited themeselves in humankind as four varying natures and that one would be more prevalent in each individual than the other three. Elemental signs are basic, being general or generic in nature. The related characteristics may be tempered by other factors, but the Elemental influence nonetheless refers to core human behavior and temperament. The Elemental quality associated with a Sign is dependent upon which of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac the Sun was residing at the time of an individual’s birth.

NOTE: In the Wiccan culture and some other Western traditions, there is also a Fifth Element known as Pure Spirit, “Quinta Essentia,” or Akasha. Akasha is the life force…the basic substance of the Universe and the soul or spiritual being of an individual. It is the subtle spiritual essence that pervades all space…not precisely ether, but an ether-like substance of a spiritual rather than material nature which, in ancient writings, is said to operate by mean of sound or vibration. Thus, it is often identified with the Element of Air, but in a spiritual sense…the “Breath of God” concept. Essentially Akasha stands apart from the Four Elements of the Zodiac and is not depicted within an individual’s horoscope. Akasha hints at the freedom of mankind and is a reminder of the “great mystery of the eternal.”

Aries is governed by the Element of Fire…an Element it shares with the Signs of Leo and Sagittarius. Fire is also the ruler of the First, Fifth and Ninth Houses of the Zodiac. Fire is the beginning…the first Element of creation and spiritual energy. As such, Fire indiviudals are in tune with the wild and untamed forces of nature and understand the spiritual character of the human race. Fire is associated with the life force or energy which animates all things. It is sometimes referred to as the “living element” and may be the most ancient symbol of divinity, change and passion. It is also the least material of the four Elements. Fire’s approach to life is to create, envigorate and accomplish. Fire also describes what is often referred to as the “sixth sense” or intuition…a dream or vision of how things are or how they might become. It is symbolic of a belief or faith in personal potential and the overall potentials to be found in life itself. The Ancients believed that Fire could lie hidden in a piece of wood and, by rubbing two pieces together, could thus be coaxed from its hiding place. Fire is both a creator and a destroyer, essential for the growth of plants upon which the cycle of life depends. Fire warms homes, cooks food and fuels passions, yet it cannot exist in physical form without destroying something else. Fire transforms objects into new forms, but must be contolled in order to be beneficial. The traditional symbol for Fire is a triangle pointing upward.

Fire individuals are impulsive, energetic, active and inspired. They strive for positive progress and have no time to wallow in the feelings that might pass through them. The spiritual Fire burning within these individuals consumes emotion and allows the ability to move on…to forgive and forget. Such people dislike having to fixate on one project. They need to constantly feed their inner flame with new experiences and perceptions. Far more than material riches, Fire natives desire recognition for their shining abilities. Those ruled by Fire can appear brusque and hurried. They tend to rush through conversations in order to reach the heart of the matter. They are easily bored with the same people and ideas, and constantly search for more with which to feed their fiery souls. They often feel compelled by some higher force to take off on a personal quest or adventure. This is why Fire subjects usually feel more comfortable with the other Signs which compose the Fiery Trigon (Leo and Sagittarius). Being extremely passionate, individuals governed by Fire live life to the fullest and have powerful emotions. Everything is intense and when nothing is occurring, they will create something…even if it is troublesome.

Fire people are seekers of passion and willing to suffer in order to avoid bordeom. They possess quick and active minds, often being equally as quick to anger…and equally as quick to forget about it. They tend to get involved at the drop of a hat, but lack the staying power of the other three Elements. In short, they are the epitome of passion and brilliance, living only for the moment. However, the downfall of Fire individuals may well be a tendency toward self-righteousness. Nevertheless, the gift of these natives is a natural connection to the spirit world which allows them to fully understand and forgive the perilous nature of humankind. The danger here is a tendency here toward arrogance and a self-centered nature. A Fire person should never be approached if sympathy or comfort is what is being sought…he or she simply does not have the time and posesses little patience for emotionalism or heaviness. In fact, Fire individuals tend to “run over” the more weaker and shyer Elemental Signs.

Brimming with power and light, those ruled by the Element of Fire are highly creative and bursting with enthusiasm and energy. Fire signs enjoy playing with new ideas and concepts and are invariably the Zodiac’s trendsetters. Such individuals have high ideals and a broad vision, coupled with passion and assertiveness. Theirs is an inspirational and contagious “can-do” attitude which lacks nothing in the way of courage and initiative. It has been said that Fire Signs rule the spirit and primal life force. They are prone to have strong egos, so being the center of attention comes naturally to those governed by Fire. Individuals influenced by this Element place an enormous emphasis on individuality and independence. Thus, it is important that those around them make no attempt to “hem in” a native of Fire. Since Fire subjects are generally warm, enthusiastic and outgoing, they require an abundance of “fuel” and are constantly seeking for something new upon which to “feed.” Those governed by the other Elements are often obliged to create boundaries in order to prevent Fire Signs from absorbing the entire resources and space within the vicinity. Those who fall under the jurisdiction of Fire, however, are not truly to blame for this since they are usually quite oblivious to the effects of their massive energy. When Fire Signs do reach a clearly defined edge drawn by another Elemental Sign, they rarely take offence and readily move in another direction. Fire Signs are extremely intuitive and rely heavily upon luck, which always seems to be with them.

Fire individuals frequently attract those governed by the Element of Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). These Earth subjects do have the ability to stabilize and center natives of Fire, but there is little doubt that Fire and Earth will have a difficult time. From the perspective of Fire, Earth often appears much too slow, far too boring and always voicing misgivings while constantly urging caution. On top of everything else, Earth natives may even demand facts that Fire subjects should substantiate. All this may prove to be too arduous, unimaginative and dry for Fire individuals…particularly since it threatens to stifle enthusiasm. Fire individuals are also likely to experience difficulty with those governed by the Element of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and the emotionality associated with Water Signs due to the lack of drive inherent in these natives. Water subjects are also frequently pessimistic souls who threaten to “put out the fire.” The sensitivity which makes natives of Water cautious and shy is often interpreted by Fire individuals as cowardice. Yet, it is precisely this opposite pole that could teach subjects of Fire to perceive what goes on around them instead of simply placing themselves at the center of attention in a self-confident or high-handed manner. Fire natives are generally most compatible with Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). In short, Air will “fan the flames” of Fire. However, individuals governed by Fire may become tired and/or bored with the intelluctual observations of the more communcative Air Signs. Fire natives will probably love their Air companions as long as they are spared the “smart-alecky” questions Air natives are prone to ask and as long as the Fire subject is not requested to provide reasons for his or her convictions. However, when ideas (Air) and will (Fire) connect in a positive way, then this can result quite naturally in the birth of some excellent projects. In short, without the encouragement and ideas of Air, Fire would indeed find itself to be hopelessly lost.

ASPECT/POLARITY: Masculine, which is not a reference to gender but to the associated type of energy. In the case of the masculine aspect, the energy is projective and traditionally conceived as being more active, less receptive and focused on the spiritual/mental world, lending spirituality and activity (both physical and mental) to the character. Masculine signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius) are diurnal or day-oriented by nature, viewed in the same light as the Yang (or bright) polarity of the Tao.

ANGEL OF FIRE: Michael, Archangel of the South.

SEASON: Summer…the time of heat.

VIRTUE: Righteousness…conforming to the standard of moral law. Fire does what is right and is known for a sense of fair play. Truthful, straight-forward, just and upright, Fire is virtuous in its dealings with others.

CORE/INDIVIDUALITY: True warrior, demonstrating courage, fortitude, zeal and pugnacity. Fire possesses the mental and moral strength to venture into unknown waters, persevere and withstand danger. Fire seldom shows fear and is confident in its actions, possessing mettle, resolution and tenacity. Fire faces danger or difficulty without flinching or retreating. Fire also fights for personal principles and has a stubborn persistence which is unwilling to recognize defeat. Fire is aggressive and thrives on challenge.

NATURE: Spiritual and possessed of physical energy, strength and vital powers. The characteristics of Fire include liveliness, ardor, enthusiasm, courage and action. Fire has a firm and assertive disposition.

EMOTION: Goal-oriented. Fire likes to win or be the best in anything pursued…indeed, nothing is more stiumulating to Fire than to win and nothing more depressing than to lose. Fire strives to be the center of attention and is intensely egotistical.

EVILS: Chief fault is deceit. Fire is determined, spiteful, short-tempered and revengeful. When angered, Fire will go to almost any extreme necessary to get revenge…and such revenge will, more often than not, be at the moment of the anger, after which it is soon forgotten with no harboring of any grudge. Fire is prone to deliberately and openly do things which will irritate others to the point of anger. Fire is straight-forward and has no reservations about hurting the feelings of others…prone to inflict both physical and mental pain.

HUMOR: In Medical Astrology and Astro-Meteorology, the humor of Fire is Choleric, being hot and dry.

COLORS: Red, Amber, Gold, Crimson, Orange and White (the light of the Sun at Noon).

MOON PHASE: Second Quarter…Full Moon (Waxing).

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Energy, Enthusiasm, Will, Vitality, Strength and Hope.

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Greed, Vengeance, Ego and Jealousy.

SENSE: Sight.

SYMBOLS: Wand, Dagger, Censer, Triangle, Lamp, Knife, Lightning, Rainbow, Stars and Lava.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Guitar and all Stringed Instruments.

PLANTS AND TREES: Basil, Blood Root, Dragons Blood, Garlic, Ginger, Orange, Tobacco, Hibiscus, Mustard, Nettle, Onion, Red Pepper, Cinnamon, Poppy, Thistle, Cacti, Coffee Beans and the Almond Tree when it is in flower.

STONES: Fire Opal, Jasper, Ruby, Carnelian and Agate.

METALS: Gold and Brass.

LOCATIONS: Deserts, Hot Springs, Volcanoes, Ovens, Saunas, Fireplaces and Athletic Fields.

ANIMALS: Fire-Breathing Dragon, Lion, Snake, Praying Mantis, LadyBug, Bee, Scorpion, Shark, Phoenix, Coyote and Fox.

ELEMENTAL SPIRITS: Salamander (a small lizard-like creature believed to be impervious to fire which is ruled by King Djin) and FireDrake (a creature of Teutonic mythology, dragon-like in form and sometimes winged, usually represented as breathing fire and having a reptilian body).

POINT IN LIFE: Youth and Young Adulthood (Teenage Years).

BODY PARTS: Head, Heart and Spine.

HOUR: Noon (Midday).


DIRECTION: South…the place of greatest heat…ruled by Notus, God of the South Wind, which is very warm and moist.

MOTTO: To Will.

Within each of the Triplicities or Elements is found a category known as the Qualities…also referred to as the Quadruplicities, Modes or Common States. There are three Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Each Quality addresses the manner of expression which will be displayed by the individual who falls within its jurisdiction, based upon which of the four Elements predominates. Thus, the Element (either Fire, Earth, Air or Water) will dictate the core characteristics, while the Quality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable) will dictate the way in which those characteristics are expressed.

Aries is a Cardinal Quality Sign (a Quality it shares with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The world “cardinal” derives from the Latin for “hinge” and the four Signs which fall under its jurisdiction are, in essence, the Signs upon which the entire Zodiac hinges, marking the Seasons in much the same manner as the Cardinal points of the compass mark the directions. The job of Cardinal Signs is to initate the Season…the leaders or “scout signs” which bring forth the individual Seasons of the Year. As the first Zodiac Sign of Spring, Aries is the initiator of this Season. Cardinal Signs govern creativity, being pioneering and enterprising, indicative of a restless, self-motivated and ambitious character. Those who fall under the jurisdiction of a Cardinal Quality are intensely active and enthusiastic in their pursuit of life’s experiences. Indeed, such natives are inclined to live life at a rather rapid, action-packed pace. They prefer to channel their energies into external events and their response is apt to be immediate reactions which can result in a crisis-driven way of life. Nevertheless, this is infinitely preferable to bordedom in the eyes of the Cardinal individual. Passionate about getting things moving, these individuals are active and quick. Many projects are started courtesy of the Cardinal initiative…although a vast number of such projects never seem to reach completion. This is due to the fact that Cardinal individuals are much more fond of beginning things rather than actually finishing them. Nonetheless, Cardinal Signs will never be found “slacking off.” They are brimming with vim, vigor and rampant energy while possessing a drive and ambition which is unmistakable. Enthusiastic with a zest for life, the Cardinal individual can sometimes appear to be domineering and may forget about the “pack” when focusing busily on a personal endeavor. These are clever souls with an immense desire to win. They know how to use their abilities and dislike delay. Cardinal Signs represent centrifugal radiating energy and correlate with the principle of “action in a definite direction.” The essential nature of Cardinal energy movement is to initiate action, get things started and get things going. Aries is a positive Cardinal Quality Sign, concerned with action in the present, based upon future considerations. These natives can, at times, be somewhat domineering but such a trait is part-and-parcel of such individuals’ best qualtiies. In summary, Cardinal Signs are independent, spontaneous and forceful. Being the first Sign of the Zodiac itself, Aries expresses some of the qualities of its ruling Element in the purest fashion. It is the most entrepreneurial Sign…always generating fresh starts, new ideas and novel methods. Areas of business or the armed forces are natural arenas for Aries individuals. They are self-motiviated and at their happiest when self-employed or possibly running their own departments as if they owned them.

As a Fire Sign with Cardinal Quality, Aries individuals project themselves upon the world through firsthand experiences. Self-expression is paramount to the pioneering Aries and those ruled by this Sign like to see how far they can go in exploring, discovering and experimenting with the world around them. The Fire Element of Aries provides such individuals with supreme faith in themselves coupled with a fierce sense of courage. The Cardinal Quality adds restlessness and change for the sake of change. These natives are assertive daredevils possessed with a knack for getting to know the right people. In short, they are always first and known to be just about as subtle as a sledgehammer. The Fire-influenced Cardinal Quality Aries is the literal “battering ram” of the Zodiac. Nonetheless, these natives do possess abundant patience for detail and methodical procedures. They are the Zodiac’s “Jack of all trades” by virtue of their enthusiasm in the realm of trying something new.


Fire God and Fire Goddess – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Elemental and Spiritual Purpose of the Fire God and Fire Goddess… The Fire God and Fire Goddess within the fiery elements is an adventurous soul. Fire is passion, and the natural Spirit. It is Intention. Fire is the warrior, who fights and protects what they believes in. Fire signs believe in passion, excitement, laughter, change, and life. These are my own original interpretations for the Court Cards, along with my creative descriptions of the elements and the astrology signs. As above, so below – I share the light AND the dark of each personality. Sincerely, Fire signs are the hot flames that dance and tease your senses when staring into a blazing bonfire. It is also the flickering flame on a lit candle, and the gentle light that burns the incense to sweeten the air. Fire is beautiful, fierce, and ever-changing. Fire signs have a goal, and it is to burn, shine, and to look good while doing it! Fire and the Fire signs are naturally stunning, attention-grabbing, and aggressive. They are bold, playful, warm, and light up a dull room. You can see their light in their huge smile and sparkling eyes, as their inviting warm personality compliments them. Fire is playful, adventurous, playful, creative, tempting, and curious. Fire is also dangerous and flammable.

Many will see the hair of a Fire God or Goddess stand out – as it is usually alittle wild and untamed – resembling its element of flickering flames! Mars (Aries), Sun (Leo) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) are Fire Gods and Goddesses. Whether in work or at play… the Fire signs are always on fire, meaning that they live a busy and active life. Their ego is fuel. Fire signs always bring their Spirit, fire and light into their life – and into yours. Fire rules the heart, where passion ignites. They need to “express” or “exhaust” the fire that ranges from rage to inspiration. When their flames roar, they can be quite loud, obnoxious, and egotistical. The Fire signs and their fire is warm, mystical, hypnotizing, giving, beautiful, fun, and passionate. Should Fire be pressured or forced out of their element, fire will quickly become stressed, over-heated, flammable, overbearing, dangerous, aggressive, and angry. But as a balanced element, their intention is always good and meaningful, as they live the life of a warrior and a survivor… who helps and protects others. Trying to control a Fire God or Goddess – can be like trying to tame an out-of-control burning forest, as they are determined to play out their fiery, passionate life. They are the raging forest fire… wild, untamed, and unable to be controlled. They are consuming and rebellious. If you think you will be able to tame those burning flames, Fire will either warm and spark with flattery, or it will devour everything it touches.

Fire is meant to be admired or looked at… not touched. Fire is popular, and always has a crowd. It also commands plenty of space and respect. You need to earn permission to get to REALLY know Fire signs, because their usually too busy with life, spreading their infectious fire – and not wasting much time getting deep and emotional. Life is just too big and exciting… and life is meant to be enjoyed. The Fire God and Goddess do not go to bed early – as they are afraid that they will miss something exciting.

Testimonial “Your explanation made so much sense, and I can now understand my relationship with my mother. Thank you.” ~Jesse A.

If your Fire God or Fire Goddess demonstrates their stubborn or argumentative side, then you can be sure that you are treading on their personal belief system. Believing and inspiring is their passion, as well as faith and hope. It’s what makes them so strong as survivors. They are a positive force, who believes in change and miracles. They believe and trust in people, and that people can change. Motivating and enlightening is their purpose. When presented with a challenge… they fight and protect, and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Fire does not like to be controlled or stifled… as it makes it harder to breathe, forcing the fire to die out. Fire signs need to express their thoughts and use their voice… and their voice is BIG and LOUD. Fire roars, and it isn’t afraid to roar, and infact, they are quite good at it. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all Fire Gods and Goddesses, and can be loud-mouthed and obnoxiously flashy. Their overbearing and aggressive ways are usually misunderstood, as they are searching for fuel – which is compliments, attention, and appreciation – so they they can continue to add warmth and light into your world… and theirs. The life and spirit of a Fire God and Goddess is either exciting and active…. or it’s boring and stifled. Fire constantly needs to be fueled with energy, or it smolders and barely hangs on to life. A quick way to lose Fire and Fire signs is to not take care of it. Lack of appreciation for the their uplifting gifts, their kindness, and giving nature will force the fire to die out completely. There is so much life and agitation that burns inside the life of a Fire sign, their family, friends, work, pets, children, strangers, and people to defend – is all a big drama. It’s what tells their story. The littlest change in their life (or yours) is a big deal or grand excitement! They will be flame the energy into something grand, provoking change and action into your life. They are dramatic and consumed with the love of change and transformation. They are very excitable or flammable – whether they touch you – or you touch them. Welcoming their fire into your life, the Fire God and Fire Goddess will warm your soul and bring light to the darkest moments in your life. They promise you a long life of laughter and love when they are fueled properly. If you don’t take care of your Fire, it will burn out of control – and eventually burnout, leaving you with nothing but warm ashes of fond memories, a small scar from their burn, and a significant chill in the air. Fire is about changing and transformation, so this is a normal and ongoing process, and they welcome and live for change…. with or without you. Should you try to stop them from changing or dampen their spirit – you will feel their powerful heat, and should you be standing to close, you will be scarred for life.

Fire and the Fire signs live life through natural highs and lows – like flames doing a ceremonial dance in the cauldron. Their personality and moods rise and fall in temperature on a regular basis. They never know from one day to the next if they will have enough fuel to brighten their own day, let alone yours. As a natural survivor, they can recycle enough energy just for themselves and leave you scrambling for their warmth. This can be quite draining for the Fire signs to be there – for everyone else. Fire needs warmth and love too. Kind words, attention, laughter and gratitude is all the fuel that they need to keep life bright and happy. If you have nothing to offer, they will be forced to look elsewhere for fuel. When the Fiery signs are heavily consumed by other’s needs and interests… they become extremely exhausted, useless, depressed, and their inspirations become desperations for the Fire signs – and for those around them. They are so busy warming and helping everyone else, that they forget to take care of themselves. They live for love and life, and respects everything around them. Without the help of others to feed their confidence – Fire does not know how to exist. No one would be around to build their fire or confidence… and no one would be around to take care of the fire. Their powerful force and drive completely dies out, into nothing. Without others to light their flame, they rely on the help from the Gods, which is why their flame is never truly extinguished from existence. Fire is a spiritual soul, and is always curious and open-minded to the helping hand of the Gods and Goddesses. They give up all control, they allow the transformation, and they trust the direction of the wind, which allows them to spread their fire in a direction that it is needed.

While 95% of Fire signs think they are invincible, they aren’t, as they can not exist on their own. These original interpretations from let you know that without the other elements, Fire becomes out of control and eventually gasping for air, and dies out – resulting in a very cold and dark place in our solar system. Like Fire’s father, the Sun, should it ever burn out – all light, energy, and warmth would be gone…. as well as life itself. So fire signs, like our sun – has one job to do… and it is to become your power source – for warmth, light, and energy to brighten and help your life grow. Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo) provide stability and natural resources for Fire to exist and rest upon. Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) provide compassion and care for Fire’s existence. Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) provide communication and breathes life into Fire. Other Fire signs can only make the party alot more exciting and heat up the room! On the flip side… too much earth, water, or air will force fire to die out completely and just turn into flyaway dust. Their inspiring flames become weakened and lose it’s beauty and strength, feeling strained and grasping for life. They will overwork themselves. trying to survive and rebuild their own fire, as others come along and take her warmth and light for granted, without adding anything to the tip tray. Overstressed, and trying to please everyone else around them – their fire becomes annoyed, loud, and angry. To save their life and energy source, they immediately burn down to the ground, releasing themselves of the unappreciated burdens, to allow their ongoing process of metamorphosis to begin, and rise through the ashes like resurrecting phoenix. This is why Fire signs assume that they are invincible…. they tend to have more lives to live on, than the cat!

Whoever that Fire God or Goddess in your life is… a family member, a wife, a friend, an in-law, a romantic love, a child, or co-worker… understand that when fire is bright or overbearing, like the flames that exists in them, that they are doing what comes naturally to them. Trying to control or change their fire is not possible. Sure, the flames may be temporarily dowsed… but you will not change her….. but infact, their flames and fiery enthusiasm just may change you. If you sit back and enjoy the warmth and love that they can bring into your life, you will experience and be motivated by her special light of divine guidance, sparkling ideas, with plenty of lots entertainment. Should the Fire God or Goddess be forced out of their element (or spiritual purpose) or if you try to mold them into something she aren’t… they become uncertain, doubtful, impatient, procrastinating, lazy, enraged, argumentative, and completely imprisoned with no way out.

The Fire God and Fire Goddess is the illuminating firefly, who is meant to sparkle and dance in the nightsky – defying gravity, while bringing magic and imagination into your life. Trying to restrain them, or limit their freedom to a glass jar that YOU call home… and they will instantly becomes breathless and eventually, lifeless. Fireflies and dragonflies quickly enter your life when you will need them the most, and quickly exit if you do not appreciate the gifts they bring. Fire excites your life and brings you out into their carefree, adventurous life to take chances and become fearless of what life has to offer – allowing big changes in your life. By sharing their energy for a short while, you will get to taste the sunshine and happiness in their life. Trying to dowse their fast life of spontaneity forces them to “know when it’s time to leave” and find new adventures, elsewhere. Fire God and Fire Goddess will then becomes just a branded memory, as you feel left in the dark, and forced to deal with your hang-ups… as Fireflies do what they do best – and that is that they fly away, and share their powerful life force for all to enjoy…. leaving a piece of their magic and laughter with those who were so lucky to have been touched by them.

Fire Element Aries Aries God and Aries Goddess is cardinal energy, and he King of Wands, the DOER and INITIATOR who is action and the mover. They are the worker and physically complete their fiery inspired goals. They are powerful and self-sufficient, which makes them a very tough fire companion to work with. These original interpretations from let you know that this Fire sign is a pusher, and also known as being pushy, and they can’t be bothered with minor details or whiners. (Usually Aries are the only ones who can be moody and whiny). They’ll push you to the side, and just get the job done herself. This Fire sign is an extrovert, and goes out of her way to help others and usually ends up becoming their very own super hero. Aries is the natural “caretaker” who is loyal to help others and those in need. They only become introverted when it involves ego and confidence. But as the “caretaker” energy has a good charged battery, this gives them the ability to keep going, and going, and going. Aries likes to keep busy, and when one duty is taken care, they immediately are looking for the next job. Cardinal signs love titles like “sir”, “boss” or being announced as the Queen….. mostly because they know that no one can hold a candle to their energy. They know they rank, as they push the hardest, and they aren’t afraid to let everyone else know it. Cardinal Gods and Goddesses don’t enjoy “playing” boss. They ARE boss. Paperwork is just an annoying technicality. Cardinal signs have a need to be number one, and to get the attention for what they accomplish. They need to be strong, competitive, and better than everyone else. They crave for attention and authority of a job well done. They just want to get down to business. Unfortunately, DOERS just act, and don’t take the time to plan and think about where they are headed – or who they will step on to reach their accomplishments. They just do. If there is a slim chance that they can not make THEIR goal – they will project their darker shadow of dictatorship who insults, humiliates, and degrades. Cardinal signs get highly focused, ignoring others, to turn projects into their own “one-man-show”, feeding their hunger for power and recognition. Whether business or relationships -Fire has a need to take a stand, and to stand out and win.

Cardinal signs use their physical strength as their tool. They prefer to stay busy, and keep everyone else out of their way. The purpose for this Fire God and Goddess is to be patient, and take control and work solo with their natural skills of endurance and vitality.They are not teamworkers, but more of leader.They are not natural COMMUNICATORS or ORGANIZERS, so ending tasks in life is difficult for them, (usually because they jumps so quick into a project without thinking and going over details first… which usually causes the job to be reworked, over-working themselves, and burning both ends of a candle. This results in physical and mental exhaustion, as well as deep rooted anger since they expect perfection… and can be highly critical of themselves, and of those around them. Cardinal signs are masculine energy with determination and duration – but can also be assaulting, arrogant, and impatient.

Career Ideas…. Police, Emergency Rescue Service

Star Aries: Rosie O’Donnell, Hugh Hefner, Shannon Doherty, Jennifer Garner, Spike Lee, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Steven Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey

Fire Element Leo Leo God and Leo Goddess is fixed energy, the Queen of Wands and the PLANNER and STRATEGIST who is organization and willpower. Leo is the schemer, who intellectually blueprints their fiery goal. These original interpretations from let you know that the Leo God or Goddess is fixed – which makes them stubborn, and one of the hardest fire companions to work with (the other is the Cardinal). Thank the Gods for the Mutable energy! Leo’s fixed energy is usually too busy going over all the specific details, that everyone else tends to miss or overlook. They are the slow and steady energy who have the ability to give direction, and to get things completed, the right way. Fixed signs like to own things and own people. They like being the boss, and being in charge of running things, and running others. Although they attract much unwelcome attention, they are feminine energy, and introverts, who keep many thoughts and secrets to themselves. They end up keeping too much overloaded information circulating inside their busy heads. Whether in business or relationships, an overloaded mind can spell trouble, as they struggle to fix things inside their head. When things go bad, they can only assume that others didn’t follow their directions – or that everyone else is intentionally working against them. Fixed signs are headstrong and determined to control the situation, but without the mutable ability of imaginative thinking -they turn to manipulation and deceit as their last resort. Fixed signs use their mind as their tool.Fire prefers to stay fixed, and in one place, while everyone else revolves and works around her. Administration, orderliness, structuring, preparation, masterminding and working on their physical appearance are necessary forms of release from their conservative aura of logical thinking. The purpose for this Fire God and Goddess is to lead and guide others with her natural skills of military command performance and self-control.They are not natural COMMUNICATORS or INITIATORS, so starting tasks in life is difficult for them, and causes them to overextend themselves and those around, burning both ends of a candle.

Although Fire is known for their strength, doing too much eventually results in a mental burn-out, with feelings of depression and loneliness…. assuming that they are being taken advantage of. Fixed signs are responsible with powerful feminine energy – but are also quite domineering, self-indulging, and unjust.

Career Ideas…. Entertainment, Sports

Leo Goddess: Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Sandra Bullock, Bill Clinton, Hulk Hogan, Robin Wiliams, Jennifer Lopez

Fire Element Sagittarius Sagittarius God and Sagittarius Goddess is mutable energy, the Knight of Wands, and the DREAMER and the COMMUNICATOR who oozes creativity and imagination. Sagittarius is the problem-solver and mentally conceives their fiery goals. These original interpretations from let you know that the Sagittarians are mutable, adaptable, and changeable – which makes them the easiest fire companion to work with. They’re clumsy, loud, and make alot of mistakes. But being the good scholar, they make a joke about it, and keep working at it until they get it right. They are natural extroverts, and they are more than happy to come up with ideas to help solve any issue. But once it’s moved out of their elemental territory of imagination and conceiving genius ideas, it becomes mentally frustrating, which becomes hard work (like being in charge and running things). They become bored when it isn’t interesting or fun anymore. They are not the skilled business person, as they tend to daydream and imagine numerous ideas. Mutable signs “live and breathe” creative thinking. They are playful, childlike, naive and teasing. Unbalanced, they turn that creative energy into scattered mischievousness, boastful comments, and foolish promises. When they are asked to prove their ideas, they become awkwardly incapable. Mutable signs are not the “action” or “strategic” experts. They are the idea people. They are the spark that you have been looking for. Expecting them to perform or complete tasks is not a natural talent to them, and all of a sudden their listening and speaking skills become muffled, and their confidence and self esteem slowly fade. Dreamers are not competitive nor out to prove anything – which can project a negative view to others of laziness and procrastination. Mutable signs are the natural therapists and have a job to perform which is giving you loyalty, motivation, and companionship. Sagittarians will listen to all of your problems, they give you advice, and they share their inspirations to help you get on the right track. They are the teachers of the zodiac signs who support and lift others. They need to teach, and they also need to learn, to teach. Mutable signs are the easiest signs to get along with, as they are not interested in power games or being number one.

.They are peacemakers, teamworkers, and your support system. The job in this life for this Fire God and Goddess is to bring loyal friendship,inspirations, and to coach others with their famous aspirations and ideas. Mutable signs have their voice and mind as their tool. Communication by writing, conversation, laughter, singing, etc are necessary forms of release from this idealist’s overwhelming collection of creative sparks that seem to be never-ending. Their job is to translate their interpretation of this fine day to you – like a daily weather report. The talk, they listen, they listen more, they offer advice, they share ideas, they pray, they laugh….anytime that you need them. Mutable signs are pretty much a “man’s best friend”… who’s purpose is to bring you loyalty and companionship. They are not a natural ORGANIZER or INITIATOR, so finishing tasks in life is difficult for them, and causes them to overload, burning both ends of a candle, resulting in feelings of being “caged-in” or “suffocated” – causing major creative burn-out and severe energy blocks. Mutable signs are spirited with strong masculine energy – but they are also scattered, rebellious, and wreckless.

Mutable Career Ideas… Coaching, Teachers

Star Sagittarians: Tyra Banks, Ron White, Starcana, Tina Turner, Howie Mandell, Britney Spears, Donny Osmond, Goldie Hawn, Amy Lee, Billy Idol, Felcity Huffman

If you are a Fire God Or Fire Goddess – May you create beauty and spirit with the rage of the dancing flames inside of you.

If you know a Fire God or Fire Goddess – May your soul be warmed with the light of their laughter and radiant sunshine.

Understand the elemental purpose and Allow it to exist.


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