Love and Compatibility

When they so desire, natives of Aries can be very charming and virtually irresistible to the opposite sex. However, individuals governed by this Sign need to harness their powerful energies…or at least rein them in a little…so those with whom they would like to spend time are not overwhelmed by their advances. Aries will assume the role of motivator in a relationship and the driving force compels those who fall under its jurisdiction to assume the leading light in any cooperative venture. Indeed, sometimes it almost appears as though Aries subjects want to defeat their partners instead of love them. Romantically enthusiastic and adventurous, these natives will always want to push physical pleasure to new plateaus and their partners can occasionally be overwhelmed by such a spirited approach. The Aries sexuality is driven, powerful and akin to a feat of showmanship when these individuals are truly captivated. This Sign is by nature the show-off of the Zodiac and performance in the bedroom is no exception. Aries subjects will be dramatic, captivating and sure to get a partner’s undivided attention. The more appreciated these natives feel, then the more they will invest in their romantic overtures. Much pampering and an abundance of attention will be needed with an Aries sweetheart, since this is a soul who thrives on feeling that he or she is number one in the life of a loved one. Those ruled by Aries will do the initial chasing and while not usually attracted to being chased themselves, will happily accept overdone displays of affection one their hearts have been given. There is a tendency here toward jealousy and possessiveness, but a potential partner will need to avoid showing the same qualities since any form of clinging is sure to drive the Aries individual in search of fresh pastures. Still, beneath all the Aries bravado and show actually lurks a somewhat innocent child who simply wants to explore the wonderful world and be appreciated.

Despite the passionate nature and gift for loving deeply, Aries natives seldom wear their hearts on their sleeves. Indeed, they may not be good at expressing their love in words…but they do relish hearing such endearments from their loved ones and can listen to declarations of undying affection and everlasting fidelity with the utmost appreciation. Perhaps the greatest weakness of an Aries individual in love is the tendency to cross-examine and ask too many questions. Although these are not souls normally in the habit of mincing their words, it will be necessary to employ tact or even keep silent if things get out of hand. By being more toleratant, Aries subjects can find greater happiness. It will also be necessary for those ruled by this Sign to share the power in a relationship, remembering to ask advice, to discuss and to consult. All too often, Aries individuals forget to do this and are later surprised when any resentment arises.

Being aggressive, action-oriented, often impatient and at times, even a little impulsive, Aries natives find any sort of delay or postponement almost impossible to bear…at the very least, they are adverse to waiting. Thus, a potential partner must always timely follow through with whatever is promised and never stand too firmly in the way of these individuals as they move headlong through life. These are souls normally regarded as being rather combative and will relish a challenge or dare. However, it must be remembered that they only enjoy those contests and battles in which they win or are relatively certain that the odds are stacked in their favor. If they suspect that any challenger is more expert than they are, then no contest will take place. They will simply not find the time or make up another excuse, but will never admit the real reason for the decline….that they are afraid they might lose. Hence, any potential partner would be well-advised to allow the Aries native to win often and never force him or her to compete when there is an obvious reluctantance to engage in a fight. In short, it will be necessary to allow those ruled by this Sign to save face. Those governed by this Sign will certainly lose interest in any potential partner if they cannot be “firstest with the mostest.” For example, they dislike anyone seeing and then talking about a movie before they themselves have seen it, or when anyone gets in front of them in any way…whether it be financially, educationally or emotionally, or even if someone gets in front of them in a line or when walking. That having been said, these natives are not necessarily adverse to a partner forging ahead of them in some areas of life, as long as that partner refrains from boasting or bragging about the greater achievements within their hearing. While there is a tendency here to quickly forgive, subjects of Aries seldom forget any type of put-down or the fact that they have not been regarded sufficiently praiseworthy to be at the very top of any loved one’s admiration list.

When it comes to long term commitments, Aries individuals rarely meet partners who truly understand their temperament. The romantic nature here tends to be very intense, with both the males and females craving sympathy and affection more than anything else…but these are more affectionate souls than ones who are passionate. It is important for Aries natives to learn self-control or much trouble and annoyance are likely to be the bane of any long term partnership. Unfortunately, if the life of an individual governed by this Sign is not marred in an extended relationship, it most likely will be later by children or relatives. Romantic longevity is a precarious venture for those ruled by Aries. Although these persons are ideal companions in a general way, they know little of the more exalted phases of domestic affection.

The Aries male will undoubtedly be a rash and impetuous individual, impulsive in love affairs and marriage…as he is with everything. He is likely to fall in love easily and will give all of himself at the moment, but will never be the “hopeless romantic.” He is exciting, dynamic, creative, never dull and usually youthful in looks. Being inherently dominant, he often seeks out someone of a weaker nature…someone he can impress and protect with his so very masculine qualities. Attracted by beauty and apparent helplessness, the Aries man needs a mate who will be content to play second fiddle, remaining in the background where due admiration can be paid to this male’s prowess and ability. In short, the Aries man expects adoration from his partner. Unlikely to yield or back down in any fight or contest, this male is both fearless and courageous. While he will not foolishly seek out a quarrel, once in one he will be there to win and should he happen to lose, his disappointment will be great. Although rarely revengeful, the Aries male does not easily forgive a wrong. Adventurous and active, this man possesses strong willpower but can be overly-generous with his time, money and possessions…while, at other times he can be incredibly intolerant, selfish and demanding. He has a natural ability to lead others, but the chief fault here lies in his own inconsistency. In order to be happy with an Aries man, it will be necessary to allow him to believe that he is “lord and master.” He must be given plenty of reason to be proud of his partner, who will be expected to do everything both quickly and well…particularly if such adds to his prestige. It will be important not to command or quarrel with this man in order to make him recognize his own shortcomings…it is best to appeal to his sympathetic and better judgment. Another important factor for any potential partner to consider is that, for some unknown reason, the Aries male harbors a tremendous fear of being alone. Because he desires the means by which he can express himself, he will constantly seek the companionship of others. However, those being sought are rarely on this man’s own level…almost anyone who helps to inflate the ego will be readily accepted. Thus, in terms of relationships, the demands of the Aries male to insist upon a partner who is simply around all the time can prove to be quite exhausting. If any potential mate finds it impossible to keep up with this man and his endless energy or if he believes the relationship is not working, then he is likely to end the affair rather quickly, anxious to start another without looking back. That having been said, the Aries male is very faithful when he finds his true love. However, he enjoys the chase as much as the catch and in order to achieve romantic success with this man, it will be important for any potential mate to be outgoing, independent, possess a sense of adventure and keep just that little bit ahead of him.

Ambitious, hardworking and successful, there is little that can hold the male ruled by Aries. Probably his most irritating fault is contradiction. This man knows a lot and heaven help anyone who gets the facts wrong. He is able to plan for the future with exciting and progressive ideas. Sometimes, there is no pleasing this male, but he is very romantic at heart once he has made up his mind on a mate, will be constant and true. This man will always want to be the center of his loved one’s attention and probably take it for granted that he is. Flattery works with the Aries male and he can consume large amounts, provided he does not expect that it is a line. Once in love, he will leave no doubt regarding his feelings. This is a man who is warm-hearted and virile, but also somewhat bossy. He likes to be waited on hand and foot but in return, is ready and willing to fight for the best for his partner, children and family. For a relationship to last, it will be necessary for any partner to allow the Aries male to believe he is lord and master. It will also be important for a partner to give the Aries man plenty of reasons to be proud of what that partner accomplishes. Things he expects to be done should be done quickly and well, particularly if they add to his prestige. It is useless to try and make the Aries male see his shortcomings by way of commands or quarreling…appeals should always be made to his sympathetic side and his better judgment. In addition, he detests muddle or fuss, so any prospective partner must be organized.

The Aries female is impulsive, independent, busy and courageous. She constantly strives to be the head of her social set and is always a very active woman, both mentally and physically. She is inclined to accept a long-term proposal at the drop of a hat and then repent the decision during her moments of leisure…of which she often has few. Indeed, if any woman can get along without a mate, then it would be the Aries female. She is able to do everything for herself, making it difficult for her to find the strong partner she needs for romance. That having been said, this is nonetheless a romantic soul who will demand romance on a daily basis throughout her entire life, and it must be remembered that to this woman, romance is not simply the sexual act…it is also the accompanying jewelry and flowers. It will be vital that any partner not make the mistake of forgetting this female’s birthday or any important anniversary date since to do so will most certainly result in a trip to the doghouse. Perhaps the answer here would be to buy an expensive piece of jewelry and then hide it away, just in case. It will also be necessary for any mate to try and condition this woman against possible extravagances, but this must be done by appealing to her reason and better instincts rather than by force. An Aries female will only be happy with a mate who makes her proud. A steady hand must be exerted over her shortcomings, but only in private…authority must never be exhibited to the outside world. This is a masterful woman who will be too much of a whirlwind in the home for any soul who is basically quiet and passive. While she is capable of much generosity, she can easily become loud, self-opinionated and rather shrewish. However, it is perhaps jealousy which is the major stumbling block in terms of the Aries woman’s relationships. It is the one which has probably brought her more heartaches and unhappiness than any faults she might possess. In essence quite charming, if this female could only realize the damage she can cause courtesy of her jealous streak, she would surely learn self-control…indeed, if this cannot be learned, she is unlikely to find any peace, happiness or tranquility. Blessed with an abundance of willpower, this woman has the ability to contol any emotion should she choose to do so. However, she is by nature exceedingly stubborn, irritable and impatient when placed under any form of restraint. Often deeply involved in her personal career, the Aries female is nonetheless extremely capable of manging a career, home and family with simultaneous success. This is a woman who tends to get what she wants, one way or another, and she is usually attracted to a mate who behaves in a dominant and forceful manner. Indeed, any show of insecurity is a definite “turn-off” for the Aries woman.

This is a woman who possesses a brilliant and independent mind, coupled with vigorous energy. She is usually a clever conversationalist, good at entertaining and appreciates the chance to help her partner rise in the world. Often, this female manages quite successfully to maintain her own career alongside any long term relationship. In fact, she tends to be a better mate if she is working or has an outside interest. This is an elegant woman with good taste, which shows in her fashion sense. Perhaps the worst faults of the female ruled by Aries are jealousy and the wish for a competitive social life. She is happiest with a passionate and possessive partner…one who is determined to make a presence in the world. Should this woman become involved with a weaker character, then she will find that unhappiness will eventually overtake her, for she cannot abide others to succeed where her chosen partner fails. This can result in a grumbling and ungracious female who is apt to constantly find fault. However, if she is partnered with the right mate, then she will be totally fulfilled and remain faithful for life. For a relationship to last, it will be necessary for any mate to verbally appreciate every effort this woman makes to aid in her partner’s success and to compliment her for such efforts. The Aries female likes to be taken where she can be seen. She also loves to meet new and interesting people. Thus, any potential mate will need to achieve as much prestige in life as is possible. However, it is important to note that this is not a woman who wants to be spoiled. She enjoys a challenge and will relish in backing her partner all the way.

Positive Aspects Of Aries In Love:

Exuberant – Expressive – Passionate – Generous – Protective – Adventurous – Fun-Loving – Creative – Energized – Devoted

Negative Aspects Of Aries In Love:

Temperamental – Jealous – Possessive – Inconsiderate – Reckless – Fickle – Ego-Oriented

Romantic Style:

Sensual – Physical – Lustful – Prone To Roughness – Often Selfish

Fulfillment is very important to Aries natives in terms of physical intimacy. Energetic and adventurous, the romantic enthusiasm of these individuals is contagious. However, they can be rather selfish and need a partner who is capable of dealing with their quick temper. Here, a mate must be prepared to give more than he or she receives since Aries subjects tend to believe that they rule the world. They are also apt to indulge in displays of childish tantrums, which must be ignored…firmly but politely…until the situation has been given time to cool down.


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