How to Attract an Aries

How to Attract an Aries Man:

Aries is a leader,  self-starter, taking the initiative – often alone.

An Aries is always very fascinated with himself.  Not with you…

Aries do not like shy people…They are more attracted to the “outgoing type”.

Aries thrive on your confidence….and will surely take notice if you have it.

An Aries is very independent and prefers you to have a life of your own….He also enjoys company with someone with a bit of smarts as well…

Many Aries men enjoy sports or other action related conversation.

Aries men also like to to be googled and get the “look of approval”.  Of course who doesn’t…?

An Aries man looks for someone healthy and energetic.

They are natural hunters and don’t mind the little tease in playing hard to get….

Aries is the hunter, play the hard-to-get girl and lightly tease him if you want to attract Aries.

They do not solely rely on physical appearance as much as they do on being challenged, entertained and put in the spotlight once in awhile.

Aries are very enthusiastic, direct and have a firm nature.

Give him space when he needs it.

Never Lie to an Aries.

He will usually have a lot of women around with whom any potential mate will have to compete.

An Aries is very faithful however they like to be the center of attention and need to know once in awhile that he is still your number one focus.(Not clingy however)

How to Attract an Aries Woman:

An Aries woman does not like the shy quiet types.  You will need to speak loudly, clearly and slowly.

They do not want a little wuss.  They are looking for someone confident and secure.

Aries woman always wants to be the first, so give your female Aries the impression that SHE is the first, that she is the one that gets your attention.

The female Aries is a “man’s woman” of individuality and self-interest, craving instant gratification. If she asks something do it immediately.

Take the initiative, go up to her and start a conversation. Talk to her. It really doesn’t matter what you say (but no sexual overtones), the most important thing is how you say it, without nerves. Why?

Because an Aries is a commanding and initiating sign, very linear and confident in its manners. If you don’t show any relaxed confidence, she will think you are just a lazy sloth and not worth a talk.

If spring is in the air, the temperature rising and the female Aries starts dressing in a lighter way and showing more (and more) skin, tell her that….In other words…if she is presenting herself sexy….Tell her!

Attract a female Aries by being argumentative and talk about your accomplishments….of course you know…Aries are always right.  🙂

Don’t be clingy!  Be honest at all times and straight forward.

Never take her for granted.

Give her space when she needs it.

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