Aries and Taurus

Initially, this appears to be an excellent match. However, a long lasting relationship is probably not very likely. The calm and logical Taurus partner will soon drive the more active and fun-seeking Aries partner out of his or her mind. By nature, Aries needs to be caught up in the moment, with the involvement of new ideas being the life blood. This is not the case for Taurus. Those governed by Taurus are logical and conservative, refusing to rush into anything. They can also be jealous and possessive. If the Aries partner seems to be more interested in other things, then the Taurus native will not be given the time and attention necessary to keep this domestically included individual happy. Physical contact is paramount to the Taurus subject and he or she can be very demanding in this quarter. The new ideas and actions of the Aries individual will keep Taurus in a state of jealous confusion. On the other hand, the Aries partner must be active in the public life…generally juggling a home and a career very successfully…to keep the energies stirred up to a certain pitch. If this does not happen, then the physical side of a relationship becomes somewhat passe to the Aries partner who, in his or her boredom, will look for another partner in a thrill-seeking attempt to keep the desired adventure alive. The Taurus native does possess many good points and can bring much to a relationship…but probably not with Aries, who can be fickle if the Taurus nature causes him or her to feel confined or stifled. This will drive away an Aries individual as quickly as he or she was initially attracted. This will be something of a shaky union unless Taurus can manage to calm the inherent Aries characteristics. A clash of wills and personalities here could lead to more than simple arguments…perhaps even physical violence.

The most notable aspect of the Aries/Taurus pairing is its passionate nature and under certain cirumstances, this could be a mutually giving relationship since each partner has much to learn from the other. This union is all about balance, or the lack thereof. Taurus natives adore being wooed and romanced. These are concepts that may be basically foreign to the brash, straightforward and totally unstable Aries. Still, Taurus can help Aries to rein in some of the more foolish and impractical impulses, while Aries will aid Taurus in being more spontaneous and adventurous. Essentially, Taurus is sensual, patient and gentle and an Aries native will be attracted to these qualities, perceiving the Taurus native as possessing that quality those governed by Aries desire in the extreme…knowing when and how to seize life’s opportunities. The Aries partner may occasionally toy with his or her Taurus mate…playing off the notorious Taurus laziness or trying to push Taurus into making hasty decisions…but the Taurus native can usually convince Aries to slow things down a little. Aries provides excitement to this relationship whereas Taurus brings security and romance.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Generally, Venus and Mars blend well, representing the two necessary halves of the same coin and a good balance of energies. Aries is governed by the element of Fire while Taurus is governed by the element of Earth. Thus, Aries individuals want to take charge of their own destiny but Taurus needs to be assured of security and stability. Sometimes, Taurus can be possessive, which the independent Aries native will not tolerate. However, if Aries can assure Taurus that the relationship is strong and that he or she does not intend to go anywhere, then the Taurus partner can be flexible and tolerant of that all important Aries independence. Aries is Cardinal in quality and Taurus is Fixed. In this pairing, the Aries native will not get his or her own way no matter how hard he or she might try…indeed, not to attempt it all would probably be a better course of action. Taurus is not going to budge and Aries will meet with more success by employing finesse and charm instead of argument. Compromise will be essential since both of these persons will want to be the leader. Still, this will be a passionate relationship…impulsive and deliberate. The contrasting personalities and ability to learn from one another can make this a mutually giving and satisfying union.

In essence, this can be a winning combination. Taurus will appreciate the outward nature of Aries and Aries will appreciate the earthy nature of Taurus. However, what each appreciates about the other may come to be what is most disliked with the passage of time. The romance will undoubtedly be dynamic, but there may not be much hope for anything more. Still, excitement could help to stimulate this combination and add to its longevity.


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  • Ben Says:

    All this is true , I have a gf that’s a Taurus and it’s a fucking roller coaster of fighting to make up sex to bad break ups to romantic get backs… It’s been like this since we meet ……going On 5 years of uncontrollable romance…. I’m a 25 year old Aries and my life has been a big adventure from accidents, parties, trips, chaos… And I’m not complaining ….

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