Aries and Sagittarius

Both Aries and Sagittarius are energetic Signs that share a love of the outdoors, physical activity and doing a variety of things together. For this reason, there will probably be instance attraction that could achieve longevity…although the Aries native may doubt the ability of Sagittarius to make a success of any long term commitment. In turn, the Sagittarius native could believe that Aries is ideal, provided Aries is able to accept the inherent Sagittarius notion of freedom. Doubtless, the Sagittarius partner will feel that Aries should conquer the jealousy he or she might experience regarding what Sagittarius believes to be harmless flirtations. However, the Aries individual is of the strong opinion that his or her Sagittarius partner must be true in order to earn rightful respect and consideration. In later years, Sagittarius could come to appreciate the warmth and advantages of the domestic scene, but it would be dangerous to rely upon this since it may never happen. Regardless of age, those governed by Sagittarius are apt to gamble with life and relationships, which could keep any Aries partner in an irate mood most of the time. Still, life with Sagittarius will never be hum-drum but the question becomes whether the nerves of the Aries native can withstand so much chaos. Sagittarius persons are not faithful by nature and feel most comfortable when juggling several affairs at once. Nevertheless, these two Signs do share many of the same traits and a Sagittarius partner will find living with Aries an interesting proposition. One of the major dangers threatening this pairing is if the Aries native is set on raising a family since Sagittarius is anything but a family person. While there will be an abundance of love to go around, those ruled by Sagittarius rarely take time with children…at least nowhere near as much as will natives of Aries. Still, given the right circumstances, this could be a very good match.

These partners have much in common…similar energies and interests…and are basically highly compatible. Both are explorers and pioneers and this will be a rather torrid and exciting relationship, with each individual always ready for a new adventure. Aries and Sagittarius are Signs that crave personal life experiences and do not like wasting time in reading about them or listening to others recount their escapades. Care does need to be taken here though, since this could become an accident prone relationship with Aries constantly in a rush and Sagittarius liable to look at everything but the obvious. As much as these two have in common, however, it may be difficult to maintain the union when both parties possess so much energy to begin new things and not much interest in following through. This pair make great friends as well as sweethearts. They truly understand one another’s optimistic view of life and problems are rare. Still, Sagittarius has the greater need for independence and Aries can be overly-possessive. In addition, Aries is a little more sensitive while the fun-loving and flirtatious Sagittarius is prone to putting foot in mouth by speaking without thinking. Luckily, both these Signs are able to forgive and quickly forget…neither having the time to spend holding a grudge.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Sagittarius is ruled by the the planet Jupiter. Both these planets are considered masculine in nature and thus, Aries and Sagittarius tend to look at the world in the same way. Given Jupiter’s indulgent influence, Sagittarius likes to take risks. Mars is associated with initiative and the taking of action, which can be aggressive. Thus, when Aries voices a new and exciting idea, Sagittarius is always ready and willing to go along for the ride. Both Aries and Sagittarius are governed by the element of Fire…a combination that can produce an eternal flame. This pair will constantly be “on the go” and possess endless resources of energy. In short, it would be rare for one partner to fizzle out on the other. Aries is Cardinal in quality and Sagittarius is Mutable in quality. Thus, Aries will initiate new ideas and Sagittarious will be happy to comply…as long as he or she is are allowed to join in the fun. There is never a power struggle here related to who will be the leader. Aries likes to bask in all the glory and Sagittarius is perfectly content to control events behind the scenes. However, these are both Signs that are better at starting things than finishing them, which can result in trouble if one or both feel the relationship is growing stale. Fortunately, this is unlikely to occur. Aries does get easily bored, but Sagittarius will have the ability to keep life fast-paced and full of fun. This union is blessed with a mutual tendency toward a pioneering and exploring attitude and these two partners will be well matched in their enthusiasm, engergy and drive. Basically the common interests and similar personalities make for a very compatible match.

In essence, this combination is rather ideal. Both individuals are driven by impulse rather than logic and each can have outside interests without conflict or friction caused by the other. Therefore, these are unions that often result in a life long relationship.


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