Aries and Pisces

Any relationship between Aries and Pisces could prove to be complex. A Pisces native who is tired or disillusioned will need the strength and comforting ability of an Aries partner but, just when the Aries partner becomes accustomed to such dependence, Pisces will pull an about face and suddenly become independent and free-spirited…albeit for only a short period of time. Still, the intuition associated with those governed by Pisces is remarkable and quite uncanny. Thus, Pisces will most likely remain attuned to the ideas and emotions of his or her Aries partner and adjust accordingly. There will be occasions when the Pisces partner withdraws into a secret and mystical realm while in the process of working out some problem. It will be necessary for the native of Aries to understand that this is a natural characteristic of Pisces. Indeed, such behavior may well have been an integral component of the initial attraction for the Aries individual. Since Aries is not bent on changing the world, when understanding of this trait is made plain, then he or she will be quite happy to give the Pisces partner room to meditate in peace. The Pisces native will probably allow Aries to make most of the decisions…unless Pisces finds his or her plans interfered with, and then he or she will simply ignore that decision. Characteristically, the Aries partner will spend a lifetime protecting, shielding and arguing on behalf of Pisces. Under such circumstances, the inherent Pisces intuition will not be evident…apparently, those governed by Pisces are never aware this is happening. Luckily, the Pisces partner will have no desire whatsoever to change the fiery Aries individual, who is often doting in his or her whirlwind ways, and this could make for an Aries partner who is so happy that the choice might be made to revolve his or her life entirely around the Pisces native. In a romantic sense, Pisces is sensitive and sexually adaptable, but totally unable to accept criticism in this area. Generally, both find romantic interludes to be fun times and the Pisces partner will be perfectly content to allow Aries to take the lead in this relationship.

Basically, this pair can be very good for one another. The Aries character is a strong one and its natives are almost totally prey to their impulses, which they follow without a moment’s hesitation regarding the outcome or possible consequences. Pisces is dreamy by nature, quiet and more internally focused. Indeed, natives of Pisces are the Poets of the Zodiac. On the surface, an Aries/Pisces union may seem an unlikely proposition but when true love is a factor, each can fulfill the needs of the other rather nicely. Pisces is extremely intuitive…both as a person and as a mate…and the Aries partner must take care to return this favor in order to prevent Pisces from perceiving Aries as stingy and selfish. A leader with initiative to spare, when the Aries individual finds someone attractive, he or she launches into pursuit mode without a second thought…and when the pursued is as gentle as Pisces, Aries will assume the role of protector. Still, strangely enough, the Pisces partner will be the real protector…an intuitive and deeply understand mate who provides a relaxing refuge for the hective Aries native. However, those governed by Pisces are so giving and empathetic that they can sometimes become like doormats, giving themselves completely to their partners and if those partners are unable to reciprocate, then trouble may result. Still, the Pisces individual will understand Aries in a much deeper fashion than will most other Zodiac Signs, which may alleviate this problem somewhat. In addition, Pisces knows how to keep Aries from becoming overly rash and foolhardy. Together, they can form a dynamic team…given the combination of Aries directness and Pisces intuitive understanding of other people.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Pisces is ruled by the the planet Neptune. The dreamlife associated with Pisces natives is courtesy of Neptune, a planet representative of illusions. Into this dreamlife, Mars injects a healthy dose of passionate action, which aids in bringing the Pisces fantasies into reality. Courtesy of Jupiter (the ruling planet of Pisces prior to the discovery of Neptune), Pisces natives can help Aries to tone down the inherently overt style of operation. Aries is governed by the element of Fire while Pisces is governed by the element of Water. These are opposite elements that sometimes create trouble for each other…Fire makes Water evaporate and Water douses Fire. However, the can also combine to make for a wonderful team. Pisces will help Aries to relax a little and learn to listen to the feelings of others, while Aries will teach Pisces how to get out in the world and take the types of risks that can lead to magnificent results. This will be an effective lesson for Pisces, who most assuredly possesses the brain power to figure out which risks are feasible and which should best be left alone. The key to longevisity here probably lies in a simple negotiation to ensure that balance between the two is maintained. Aries is Cardinal in quality and Pisces is Mutable in quality. Unlike Aries, a Pisces native has no need to be a leader. He or she enjoys lending a helping hand when needed, but certainly harbors no desire to direct a project, which is a good thing since Aries needs that position on a personal level. Together, this pair can achieve a positive end to any undertaking and they truly have much to learn from each other. Pisces will show Aries how to empathize and care…Aries will teach Pisces how to make dreams happen rather than simply pondering about the possible outcome. In short, this can be a truly reciprocal union.

In essence, this combination does not necessarily represent a perfect match since both Signs are different by nature. Pisces is very sentimental and may find little comfort in the aggressive Aries character. In addition, Pisces is exceedingly romantic and prefers a delicate approach, which is in direct contrast to the Aries attitude. Still, if Aries is willing to take a trip into the clouds every once in a while, this is a workable relationship.


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