Aries and Gemini

The Aries individual will initially be attracted to the good-looking and socially amusing Gemini native, but the Aries desire to dominate will quickly rouse the rebellious tendencies of those governed by Gemini…tendencies that are always lurking just beneath the surface at the best of times. At first, the Gemini subject will laugh off the inherently bossy manner of Aries but if such continues, then there will be a revolution and one that will surely lead to a parting of the ways. Gemini individuals require fun and mental stimulation. Routine is death to these persons and any attempt to get a Gemini native to take care with health or finances must be undertaken in an extremely casual fashion. This union will undoubtedly be plagued with constant bickering until one or the other eventually throws in the towel and leaves the arena. The disagreements may be kept to a minimum, but both of these Signs relish having a good argument…and Gemini is prone to stir one up if he or she has to. For this relationship to last, the Aries partner needs to have developed (or is willing to develop) a keen sense of justice and patience…neither of which come easily to this Sign. Those governed by Gemini can be exalted one minute and in the depths of depression the next, which behavior will usually leave the Aries partner in a state of total confusion. Even though Gemini natives are eloquent in their speech, they are often superficial with the mind working busily on two different things at once. Still, in terms of a casual relationship, this could be a perfect match. Both will share in the excitement and adventure. Neither will ever be bored when they are together and neither will waste time wondering if the union will meet with a sad or happy ending.

The Aries/Gemini combination connects on both a physical and intellectual level. Each adores activity and remains optimistic even in the most trying of situations. They generally enjoy good communication and a deep understanding of the other’s nature. Gemini natives find the pioneering and independent character of Aries to be most appealing. Still, should the Gemini partner find Aries to be too controlling or if the Aries partner takes the flirtatious nature of Gemini too seriously, arguments are sure to set the tone in this relationship. Nevertheless, there is a good balance here. The Aries individual wants to experience things and Gemini wants to discuss them. Together, they can make all kinds of new discoveries that each may have missed alone. Both partners will be blessed with a plethera of energy and share many common goals. Gemini is a thinker and a talker…one who prizes intellectual stimulation and freedom and who loves to look at all sides of an argument. Aries adores jumping headlong into new projects and has no aversion to getting dirty hands in the process. In this union, while the Gemini individual might be wishy-washy, Aries will be straightforward and decisive, making for a rather wonderful combination. Still, it is imperative that the Aries native allow the Gemini partner intellectual space.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Due to the differing approaches, this pair usually works marvellously in tandem…getting their respective points across in different ways. However, each definitely needs to get those points across. Fevered debates can either add spice to this combination or ruin it altogether. The Aries subject needs to understand that Gemini adores a heatedly good argument, not to inflict insults or to dominate but simply as a magnificent workout for the brain. Aries is governed by the element of Fire while Gemini is governed by the element of Air. This is an excellent combination since Air fuels Fire and makes it spread. Thus, the Gemini partner will help Aries to realize his or her full potential since Gemini possesses the energy to keep up the the fast pace and wild ideas of the Aries individual. The blend of true, driving passion and intellectual prowess makes just about anything possible for this pair. Both will have wide-ranging interests and best of all, the Aries partner can come home at the conclusion of a long and active day to tell chat-hungry Gemini all about what happened. Aries is Cardinal in quality and Gemini is Mutable. Hence, the Aries native will naturally initiate new plans and Gemini will be willing to undertake almost anything…provided he or she is not forced to do so. Another dynamic aspect to this pairing will be the low level of competition between the two. Aries revels in the glory and Gemini will be more than happy to remain in the background, operating the strings. Both of these Signs are apt to be better at starting things than ending them, so if one partner becomes bored with the direction the relationship is heading, the other will not resent moving on to something new. Perhaps the best aspect of an Aries/Gemini match is the ability to work together as a single unit. In some instances, it might even be beneficial if this pair were to stay separated for a short period and then take a fresh look at each other from a distance. It could go far in helping them to keep their relationship interesting and possibly even eternal.

In essence, this combination may well experience difficult times due to the strong differences in the physically romantic arena. The mind plays an important role in such an area for the Gemini individual. Thus, Aries may prove to be simply too conventional. Though not a perfect match, the Aries/Gemini union can succeed with a little understanding and effort by both partners.


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