Aries and Capricorn

Given that Capricorn is independent by nature and possesses an ambitious frame of mind very similar to that of Aries, it is possible that an Aries native…if in a rare practical mood…may well be caught up in something of a romantic rush over a Capricorn individual. In turn, Capricorn is certain to be attracted to the vitality and strength of character that is easily detected in the energetic Aries person. Plus, the warmth of Aries is sure to appeal greatly to those governed by Capricorn. However, the Aries partner will soon be in for a rude awakening when they realize that Capricorn is almost totally besotted by business matters and personal ambitions. Eventually, Aries will grow jealous of the time the Capricorn partner devotes to these other areas of life, since those ruled by Aries believe there is far more to living than constant involvement with work or club meetings, etc, and an Aries individual is not one to stifle such feelings or be timid about giving them voice. Essentially, Capricorn is a simple soul and Aries may be too overwhelming. An Aries individual takes risk and enjoys them, whereas the same risks will only make a Capricorn individual shudder at the thought. This could result in the eruption of very violent quarrels and in short, there are many personality differences here. One of the major being that Aries will dislike the pessimistic gloom that Capricorn uses to dampen the inherent Aries enthusiasm. Although not necessarily highly sexual, Capricorn is a good strong partner in the romantic arena and liable to become angry if any advances are met with what Capricorn considers to be flimsy excuses for non-participation. Under certain circumstances, this pair can accept each other’s faults and build from there, but longevity of the relationship is doubtful. If these two desire a serious union, then each will need to work around the weaknesses of the other and concentrate only on the strengths, employing much effort in the maintaining of mutual energy.

Here, the approaches of each partner can seem almost opposite to one another. Aries is all about acting without bothering to consider where such action will be directed or what it might attain. Prior to taking any action, Capricorn is all about juding whether…or how much…personal benefit will be gained. Aries tends to move quickly and, in the eyes of the Capricorn partner, seems to risk everything in the process. Capricorn abhors unncessarily risk. Those ruled by Capricorn move at a much slower pace, working inexhaustibly toward well-defined goals…which are usually related to career or other forms of public advancement. Both partners will always get where they are going, but in different ways…and the ultimate goal or destination is also totally different most of the time. By nature, the Capricorn individual is rather quiet and unassuming, while the Aries person is much louder and good deal more flashy. Here, natives of both Signs are inherently stubborn and each will believe his or her way to be the best. In order to work together, they will have to agree to disagree. The philosophies are totally opposite since Aries will look for the shortcut, while Capricorn wants to follow the rules, assuming such to be a tried-and-true path to success. An individual governed by Aries will engaged in an impetuous and passionate pursuit of a potential partner, seldom stopping to consider whether the chosen one is really the right mate. On the other hand, an individual governed by Capricorn likes to analyze how much a potential partner will be able help him or her advance in life and such will usually be the basis of any decision regarding pursuit of the relationship. Still, if this pair can meet and get together, they can teach one another things that neither would probably learn on his or her own.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Capricorn is ruled by the the planet Saturn. Traditionally, these two planets are considered to work against each other…similar to how Aries and Capricon will struggle in order to find common ground. Nonetheless, Aries and Capricon can definitely help each other…particularly on a project. Saturn has strong powers of perseverance, but it will be the influence of Mars that provides the energy and drive to get things done. Basically, these two Signs might make for a better partnership in the workplace than in the area of romance. Since both Aries nor Capricorn are resolute by nature, neither will give up easily. However, if the mutual energies are not channeled in positive ways, then this could lead to infliction of cruelty…or even violence…on both sides and the potential for one or the other to repress emotions. In short, Aries must take care not to work against Capricorn and in turn, Capricorn must refrain from dampening the inherent fiery spirit of Aries. Aries is governed by the element of Fire while Capricorn is governed by the element of Earth. Thus, while Aries is dynamic, Capricorn is more grounded and practical. Capricorn tends to ask what good something will do as he or she works toward the main plan in life. However, Aries simply sees what is desirable at any given moment and rushes headlong with no set plan in mind. Both Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal in quality. Hence, both will be initiators but have such widely varying goals and interests, they they work better when each has a specific and well-defined role. On the surface, Aries will be the leader…dashing around to get things going and knocking down any barriers in the way. Indirectly, Capricorn will be in charge…always working steadily toward a desired goal. Basically, it will be important for both partners here to understand that compromise is probably the only key to a successful union and each does bring rather unique qualities to the relationship. Once they can learn to allow each other to be themselves, they can blend well to make a whole. This is a challenging match, at best, but the effort to make it work could be worth it. As with any relationship based upon mutual love and respect, most obtacles can be overcome with sound communication and goodwill…and the Aries/Capricorn partnership is no exception.

In essence, this combination tends to be one that should be avoided if possible. Where Capricorn is usually very patient, laid back and easy going, Aries will be too impatient to cope with the slow and methodical plodding of the Capricorn partner. Eventually, an impasse is sure to occur and thus, put a definitive end to the union.


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