Aries and Aries

Aries individuals do not simply meet and fall in love, each tends to explode into the life of the other. Both the male and the female here adore to sweep a new love interest off his or her feet and will continue to do so throughout the relationship. It is part and parcel of the Aries nature to express feelings of love exceedingly well. However, it is also in the Aries nature to express grievances with equal ability and if the one who causes the upset does not change the situation or attitude, then much anger and criticism will be the result. Indeed, this tends to be the hallmark of an Aries/Aries relationship. There will be a great deal of attraction between these two, but it is usually of a physical nature and intensely sexual. Unfortunately, this wild type of intensity is often short-lived and prone to rapid burn-out. Inclined to impulsive behavior, both of these individuals can be very selfish and this may carry over into the romantic arena. If on of these individuals should happen to stray down the path of infidelity, then the infamous pride of the Aries character will not allow these two to stay together. In short, the heat of love and passion will be replaced by the icy cold of disgust and disdain. The loss of personal respect is no small matter to the Aries individual.

Both individuals here possess a domineering nature. In order to achieve longevity, it will be necessary for each to make great sacrifices. There is a mutual lack of understanding coupled with ego problems that can result in a void emanating between them. The beginning of an Aries/Aries relationship will be full of smiles and happiness, but as the days go by, it will likely become a fierce competition to see who can be number one. Both are always so career-oriented that they are liable to give prominence to their respective jobs. In addition, both are independent. Still, this could enable the pair to divert their energies into different areas, which will lessen the conflict and ease the tension between them. The main advantage to this pairing is that there will be no concealment or feigning…there will also not be much in the way of caution, reason or practicality either. Here, each individual will want to maintain control and given the strong Aries ego, it will be difficult for them to solve problems. Hence, there is sure to be a power struggle. Still, if both partners are able to swallow their pride and give in a little, this could be a successful relationship. Essentially, it will be necessary for both partners to work together instead of competing, and this must be accomplished without selfishness. Nonetheless, the joined spirits to two Aries natives can gain a great deal. In addition, they must learn to give respect and take respect. They will understand more than anyone else the need of their partners for freedom but the tendency for making hasty judgments is sure to result in outbursts of temper. Still, the Aries/Aries combination will never be boring and can even become a dynamic relationship. Here, there is an abundance of spontaneity that will always keep things new, coupled with a mutual energy and ability to reconcile after disagreements that will make this a passionate and compatible relationship.

Since both are ruled by the planet Mars, it is somewhat akin to soldiers meeting on a battlefield…the only options are to fight against each other or fight together. Normally, this pair will experience an active and exciting time in each other’s company and both will be happy to meet any challenges along the way. Since Aries is governed by the element of Fire, which holds tremendous energy, these two individuals will be able to argue almost indefinitely without either becoming tired. Disagreements will be the norm but luckily, neither harbors a grudge and compromises will be essential if there is a fight for leadership. In addition, both partners are Cardinal in quality, which means each will be skilled at initiation…when they see what they want, they pursue it without a moment’s hesitation and never waste time at feeling out the other person before jumping into a relationship. Basically, all that is needed for a smooth relationship here is that both partners maintain a tight grip on their egos and stand ready to provide the respect that is needed. Thus, this can be an excellent match which results in a life of bliss and harmony.

In essence, even if there is a lack of contrasting personalities here, there will be an understanding on the part of each individual regarding the shortcomings of the other. This could be a peaceful union, but if both are dominant, then conflict will arise since each will desire to be head of the household. This pair could go the distance in terms of longevity and if done right, will be an exciting adventure.


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